ARB Corporation partners with Ford Motor Company

ARB Corporation partners with Ford Motor Company

Following the most successful reporting season in its almost 50-year history, Melbourne-based vehicle accessories maker ARB Corporation (ASX: ARB) has struck a deal with Ford Motor Company that promises to lift its fortunes further.

Ford has today announced a strategic collaboration with ARB 4x4 Accessories to develop a full suite of premium, aftermarket products for the all-new Ford Bronco.

The partnership follows several years of ARB working hand-in-hand with Ford designers and engineers to fit the Ford Bronco design.

Features the two companies have been working on include chassis structural design, roof load-carrying capacity, suspension travel, snorkel air intake, air systems routing, fridge and freezer wiring, and other "salient details".

These efforts have driven a a portfolio of innovative accessory solutions for Bronco customers ready for vehicle launch.

"Ford took a completely new approach to customer-centric design with the Bronco," says ARB USA president Doug Pettis.

"Personalisation and customisation is in the DNA of this project. Ford went the extra mile to ensure the Bronco was built to be accessorized, modified, and personalized to suit the demands of the consumer; especially the overland traveler."

Pettis emphasises ARB's manufacturing expertise, powered by innovative engineering and design, has been the driving force behind the company's growth for over four decades.

ARB has excelled during the pandemic with a doubling of sales in the most recent December half, a major UK acquisition, and its share price trading at record highs.

Founded by Anthony 'Tony' Ronald Brown and now led by his brother Andrew Brown, the family held company came in 36th place in this year's Melbourne Top Companies list, rising 12 ranks from 48th position in 2020.

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