Ashy Bines' Morlife collab sweet with moreish treats

Ashy Bines' Morlife collab sweet with moreish treats

Collaborations are all the rage right now.

Yeah, your business might have some pretty good reach and engagement on its own but what if you could get your business in front of 24 times the number of eyes, all hungry to buy whatever a certain someone is selling?

Welcome to the world of influencer collaborations.

One such major collaboration is the recent Ashy Bines take on Morlife's successful range of organic, healthy snacks.

Morlife is certainly successful in its own right. Since 2000 founder Dr Warren Stewart has been churning out delicious, healthy products from the Gold Coast to a devoted customer base.

After conquering Australian health food stores and supermarkets the brand has gone international, spreading its mission of nutritional wellness via delicious superfoods.

It's a mission that certainly rubbed fitness influencer Ashy Bines the right way.

Morlife has been partnering with Bines, one of the Gold Coast's most popular fitness superstars, for a number of years now on social media campaigns.

The next natural step was Bines coming in to develop her own range for Morlife. 

The products quickly sold out, with Bines' devotees hungry for the new range, and a cursory glance at the list of goodies on offer is sure to get anyone's tummy rumbling: coconut rough treats, double choc brownies, banana bread, caramel fudge treats, and Ashy's favourite the salted caramel treats.

Now, none of these products sound particularly healthy on paper, but rest assured, these treats are guilt-free. They are all free from refined sugar and packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like maca, lúcuma, mesquite and buckwheat.



For Ashy, the collaboration was completely natural. She had been using the product for years and jumped at the chance to work with Morlife.

"There's quite a few reasons why I love their products. They produce really good products, but I've been a customer for many years and customer experience is really important to me, especially because I am so connected to my audience" says Bines.

"I know that whenever I work with Morlife they will deliver on time; they will make a good quality product; and I've had great customer service from Morlife for years. I knew that I could trust them."

With such a saturated market of innovative health foods, Bines says Morlife manages to stand out from the pack thanks primarily to its diverse range of products that truly cater for the modern woman.

"I feel like these days in the health and fitness industry there's so many quick fixes," says Bines.

"There's so many specialties and products and pills that claim to make you get results. But I'm all about teaching women how to find what works for them and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And that is going to help them create a healthy relationship with themselves."

She jokes that most females like chocolate. 

"We love a sweet treat, so I wanted to create something that we can all enjoy in moderation, without the guilt, without filling our bodies with artificial sweeteners or preservatives or added ingredients that don't benefit our health for the short or long term."

"My collaboration with Morlife is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free, and it suits everyone."

Ashy Bines

Belinda Stewart,  senior sales manager at Morlife, believes Bines' positive attitude and outlook on life makes her the perfect ambassador for the Morlife brand.

"She has got the same values as our company and she's just real you know," says Stewart.

"She's a great role model within the Australian community and internationally as well. She's always encouraging people to be a better version of themselves."

The Ashy Bines and Morlife collaboration has been so successful that Morlife recently opened up sales to wholesale customers, meaning the brand will be sold in stores around the world, not just Australia.

"They are selling like crazy. The more people that try them once buy them again, so going into stores is going to be absolutely great for this range," says Stewart.

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