Breaking barriers: Australian-based outsourcing company makes impact in US market

Breaking barriers: Australian-based outsourcing company makes impact in US market

At its very core, outsourcing challenges what has been considered the standard with business operations for a long time.

Businesses are now reaping the benefits of outsourcing roles that typically would have stretched their resources to breaking point.

As a result they are able to cut major costs including massive overheads and wages.

But the world of outsourcing is changing, and one Australian based company is leading the way.

Staffberry is a business that does the leg work of finding qualified people to take on your outsourcing needs.

Founder and CEO of Staffberry Jessica Sharratt (pictured), says that her company is changing the way outsourcing is done in Australia for all types of business needs.

"We wanted to shake up the game. We wanted to do it differently. I definitely feel there is a stigma around outsourcing and our goal is to eradicate this," says Sharratt.

"A lot of our clients wanted their business to be able to operate around the clock. It is by doing this that many of our clients are getting ahead of their competitors. It is giving them the opportunity to expand their business without all of the traditional costs of doing so. It is also allowing them to run 24 hours, 7 days a week."

"We started out supplying staff for positions such as admin and PA roles, but we now provide clients graphic designers, accountants, paralegal assistants and everything in between.  The most popular role we fill is social media managers"

Outsourcing hasn't always had the best reputation, and Sharratt is on a mission to change perspectives.

"I absolutely get why the outsourcing game doesn't have the best reputation. I call it the 'call centre syndrome'. Mass call centres, often based in India, certainly didn't help our industry," says Jessica.

In recent years however, more outsourcing recruitment companies have emerged that are going above and beyond, and in turn countering the stereotype.

With Sharratt at the helm, StaffBerry is changing the way outsourcing is perceived.

"The Australian market is starting to embrace outsourcing on a new level which is very exciting for us," says Sharratt.

"It's not just big businesses embracing outsourcing, it's the mum and dad business owners who are now seeing they can run a successful business and see their family and friends!"

Having successfully established itself in Australia, StaffBerry is now breaking boundaries by becoming a formidable presence in the US.

"Early on I identified the US market as one I wanted to target. They play a big game over there, so expanding StaffBerry into that market meant we needed to be 100 per cent sure of our strategy," Jessica says.

This proved to be a winning formula for the outsourcing company, winning major accounts right off the bat including large US Media outlets and insurance brokers.

"Media companies in the US are great for us as they outsource a huge amount from graphic designers and copy writers right through to editors and web developers," says Sharratt.

StaffBerry is changing the outsourcing game, taking an already established model and adding their brand of magic, producing extremely successful results for their clients.

From assisting start-ups to get off the ground and helping small to medium-sized businesses grow, to reducing overheads for current business set-ups and aiding in the growth of profit and returns, Staffberry is fast becoming the leading supplier of highly skilled team members to corporations both large and small.

A key factor in Staffberry being able to accomplish this is by getting to know each and every professional they hire.

"I love getting over to the Philippines and catching up with as many StaffBerry assistants as I can and of course my amazing team. Hearing how our company is impacting their lives is extremely powerful and motivating," says Sharratt.

With this kind of value that they place not just on clients but on their talent pool, it's no wonder StaffBerry has become a trailblazer in the outsourcing industry.

"We have had to pivot over the years and adjust to what our clientele needs. I have to say that's the part I enjoy the most guiding the best team in the business to create a service that is second to none. We have our eyes on the UK market next so stay tuned."

This article was written in partnership wth Staffberry

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