TOURISM Queensland (TQ) launched its $4.16 million typically sun, surf and sand campaign overlooking just that atop the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise.

Premier Anna Bligh saddled up with tourism officials, singing the praises of the tagline Queensland, Where Australia Shines.

But will it work? Following an unremarkable response to the last two campaigns, TQ CEO Anthony Hayes, says ‘lot’s of research’ went into the new slogan - which provides a brand platform to launch all tourism initiatives over the next decade.

He says the brand should not be considered ‘something new’, but one that complements and evolves on the previous TQ campaigns.

“We talked to over 6000 Australian’s and we also worked really closely with all of the regional tourism organisation and the industry associations to make sure we got it right,” says Hayes.

“It was absolutely essential that we didn’t’ just pluck it out thin air and hope for the best, there has been some really solid research to make sure we’ve got the story right.”

It’s been 12 years since TQ rolled out the Where Else But Queensland? campaign and the Premier says ‘the changing world’ drove the need for a new Queensland brand.

“More than a decade on the world has changed. How people experience their holidays has changed, how they book online, how they hear about a holiday possibility (has changed),” says Bligh.

“Because of the changes we’ve seen in the tourism market nationally and internationally, it’s time for Queensland to relaunch everything that we have to offer to the world.

Queensland, Where Australia Shines tells the world that if you want a holiday in Australia, the very best place you can come to is Queensland. We unashamedly want to say to the world that Queensland is the shining tourism destination of our nation.

“This new brand captures all that we want to say to the world and the rest of Australia about what Queensland is and what we have to offer.”

Produced by media agency Clemenger Communications, Bligh says the tagline was relevant to all tourism operators in Queensland.

“In Queensland tourism is big business, it employs almost a quarter of a million people either directly or indirectly. That’s five times the people employed in mining and more than four times the number of people employed in the entire car industry of Australia,” she says.

“It’s a lot of families, it’s a lot of businesses all dependant on people coming here and making Queensland their holiday destination of choice. So marketing what we have to offer is one of the most important things that we can do.”

TQ chairman Don Morris, says the slogan ‘sticks it up the rest of Australia in a cheeky and nice manner’.

However he conceded that the Gold Coast must see a rise in tourist activity before the industry body would dedicate funding for new infrastructure.

“The good news is that there is optimism returning with gay abandon,” says Morris.

“There is no question or doubt that the evidence is very positive, even for places like the tropical north which suffered so badly.

“We still have lots of work to do. I’m not suggesting it’s all beer and skittles. Here on the Gold Coast we have 64,000 beds to fill according to (Gold Coast Tourism chairman) Paul Donovan; 31 hotels; 348 establishments.

“It’s our job to fill them first before we worry too much about supply site issues in the way of new infrastructure.”

Gold Coast Tourism (GCT) has worked closely with TQ on the new Queensland brand and a similar Gold Coast brand will be launched later this month.

“They (GCT have been absolutely essential partners the whole way through the process,” says Hayes.

“We’ve launched Queensland today and the next cab of the rank will be the Gold Coast brand. It will be given a fresh new look and an exciting new story. We’ve just got to get out there and get aggressive, get on the front foot and talking our industry up again.”

Gold Coast Tourism CEO Martin Winter, says the city has been ‘dealt some very good cards’.

“We’re very pleased with how TQ has put the brand together. Some really good imagery of the Gold Coast has been used that accurately reflects and promotes what the Gold Coast is all about,” he says.

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