BRISBANE entrepreneur Ben Bradshaw has released a new app to help people navigate online marketing and access their campaign data on the go, at any time of the day.

The LinX app provides users with an option for syncing and downloading their data and presents insights, leads and information in one place.

LinX also provides clients with access to their Facebook dashboard, and the ability to contact their campaign manager with just one click.

Along with the launch of LinX, the company has released its Facebook Training Leads service, which aims to assist small to medium businesses with more targeted leads and conversions.

Business News Australia spoke with Ben Bradshaw, founder of digital marketing group SponsoredLinX and 2016 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur winner of the Digital award, about the release of the app LinX and what trends are likely to drive social media marketing in the future.

How is progress, and what's your growth rate?

Extremely well. It's probably the biggest growth year we've had since we founded the company. I guess being that we're a lot bigger now and growth usually gets harder but for us we're finding ways to keep innovating and diversifying so we're in a great industry and we seem to be doublingthe growth that the industry is experiencing so we seem to be doing something right.

You've obviously been busy with these new releases, what was the decision behind the launch of them?

So just recently we launched two big things which was going to market with a Facebook lead ad offering and we also launched our LinX app which goes hand in hand with that offering.

Our mission is to really help small to medium business succeed online and what we've found is a lot of businesses don't know where to start and digital marketing is moving a lot faster than they can keep up with, and so we feel obliged in a way to kind of help those businesses.

In short, we're tracking at about 30 per cent growth rate for the year, and our profit margins have increased during that time so we're reinvesting that profit back into growth and we're doing that by investing in these new markets.

What does the new app mean for the company going forward into the future?

It revolutionises the way we do business. The challenges we used to face with dealing with small to medium businesses was that they weren't getting our reporting very fast; they'd have to log in to see their AdWords account on a desktop, they'd have to get a report from us via email get another report for SEO, to do Facebook they'd have to log into Facebook, to get the leads they'd had to download an Excel sheet, so we think we can completely fix all of that and we've solved a bit of a problem.

So, what we do now when someone joins our business we give them an innovative new app called LinX. What this essentially does is shows the performance of all online marketing in one place. They can see their AdWords and Facebook and the other ports all in one place and we can use push notifications based on their business goals.

So, if they say 'I want to get more leads' or my goal is to spend less on AdWords and more on Facebook we can put them in as small business company goals. But the most important thing is we will track every single lead now from Facebook and google AdWords so whenever there's a lead the small business gets a notification and says 'hey, here's a lead'.

And all of that is tracked, so we can then start helping small to medium businesses with lead management which is another big problem businesses have. So, it takes us into a whole other realm with helping businesses with the most important thing which is leads.

We used to see businesses all the time and we'd send them leads but they wouldn't respond to them or wouldn't answer their phone because they're busy running their business. The other thing it does is it changes the way businesses communicate with their client managers.

So, in there you can communicate directly with their client manager within the app. And down the track we could integrate AI into there, so we're thinking for basic questions like 'why aren't my ads showing on google' we may be able to look at and we're already looking at an AI solution for that.

So, it sort of changes the whole paradigm of how our business works and operates, and being that we're the first doing this we think that's quite exciting.

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