THESE five innovators round out the top 10 in our 40 under 40 Young Entrepreneurs Brisbane, and our numbers #6-10 are changing their respective industries.

From food and hospitality to a legal play and the founder of a tech company that's helping clients take on Amazon, these entrepreneurs from #6-10 have already made their mark on the River City.



6. Jasmin Robertson

Roza's Gourmet

AT AGE Four, Jasmin Robertson was sitting at a stand on her driveway, selling jars of her mother Roza's homemade sauce to people who passed by.

A quarter of a century down the track you can still find Robertson selling Roza's signature recipes, only this time it is big business, and she has swapped the driveway for a factory and passers-by for a national and international clientele.

With a rapid increase in turnover for the 2017 financial-year, there's no doubt Jasmin's role as a business leader has proved exceptional.

Jasmin says listening to customers feedback on labelling has been one of the company's biggest competitive advantages.

"A lot of people were asking if we were gluten free, so I thought I better put it on the label and so on and so forth with vegan, nut free, soy free, oil free and so on," she says.

"It's something we have become renowned for and effectively moved from the 'gourmet' into the health food space at a time when the two sectors were merging anyway."

"It has spurred a significant amount of our growth and is all thanks to listening to our customers."

7. Gordon Tan, 35

R & G Technologies, 2003

WATCHING large scale companies fight it out in a bidding war to acquire his company has been a defining moment of validation for founder Gordon Tan.

R & G Technologies has grown by 30 percent each year for the past three years and was acknowledged by Service Leadership, who benchmark 2,000 other IT companies worldwide.

The business was recently acquired for $6.6 million which according to Tan who now works under for the ASX listed company CSG as General Manager says created quite a stir within the industry.

"GSG has evaluated 25 other IT providers in Australia at the time," says Tan.

"Our valuation was well above market, and in the end, we had multiple large scale companies bidding for R & G Technologies which validated we had created something special.

"Since taking on the role as General Manager, I have been tasked with the expansion of the business across Australia."

8. Ryan Murtagh


NETO is the only Australian retail management platform of its kind addressing a major pain point for online retailers looking to scale.

While most keenly await the arrival of Amazon to Australia, founder, Ryan Murtagh is currently developing an Amazon integration to future proof retailers in an increasingly competitive market.

"We are for retailers looking to consolidate their success. We are creating the world where retail runs itself," says Murtagh.

"Retailers of all sizes are coming to understand that the online and bricks-and-mortar experience needs to be unified - both for the customer's benefit and their own."

"Our solution is a turnkey service that is affordable to businesses of all sizes."

The Neto Digital Commerce Platform can track inventory and sales across multiple locations and is updated in real-time to account for sales made through a physical store, a retailer's online store and even their eBay store.

It also integrates with leading shipping carriers, such as Australia Post eParcel, enabling easy fulfillment for all orders.

Murtagh believes another draw card is the social media integration.

Neto seamlessly links into a retailer's social media and provides features such as customer reviews, discounting and coupons, and analytics to reveal how product lines are performing.

9. Karl Hill

Results Legal

EARLIER this year, Results Legal made the move to North Quay after the credit litigation and financial services practice outgrowing its previous location.

Managing director Karl Hill says the move signified the next phase of progression for the business.

"We have increased the number of clients that we have in that space, and we've been fortunate enough to also build on existing relationships we have with clients in that segment," he says.

"We took on an assignment last year with the portfolio of debt associated with people buying into the Great Southern investment schemes, which has been a significant amount of work for us both in terms of the number of files at various levels of complexity."

While the firm continues to grow, Hill is adamant that the team won't be biting off more than they can chew when it comes to exploring different areas of practice.

"We're not interested in being all things to all people, it's about really focusing on our segment in credit litigation," says Hill.

This year Results plans to boost its processes through technology, having heavily invested in practice management software and associated systems over the past 12 months.

10. Tim Johnson

Corbett & Claude, Comuna Cantina

HE'S the founder of a restaurant group who has created more than 150 jobs at six separate venues in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and in Sydney.

Starting at McDonald's at 13, his last role was the general manager of Fonda in Melbourne, before he took a leap of faith at the old Corbett Chambers and started up his Corbett & Claude pizza chain in Brisbane and Sydney.

Corbett & Claude can now be found in four separate locations and joins two other Latin Street food concepts, Comuna under the one umbrella.

"We are now looking for growth based on larger locations with possibilities for multi brands in the one venue," says Johnson.

"We are also looking at the potential for franchising and other licensing opportunities across the country."

Through operating a restaurant group, Johnson says he has the opportunity to impact so many lives on so many levels from basic employment to supporting the local community.

"Part of our culture is about creating a place people love to be in and empowering and motivating young people," he said.

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