How effective is your board? Building leadership teams fit for the future

As Australian boards continue to face scrutiny over a raft of hot-button issues, their remits have gone well beyond performance and compliance.

The board of today must be able to identify its blind spots and find the necessary mix of skills, expertise, and culture to rise above new challenges.

In this webinar hosted by Business News Australia senior journalist Matt Ogg, we tackle this multi-faceted topic from different perspectives to discuss what is needed to ensure effective governance and leadership now and in the future.

We’ll also share some global research as revealed in the recent Board Effectiveness Survey, commissioned by OnBoard by Passageways.

Join Jennifer Robertson from Board Matters, Peter Williams from the Australian Advisory Boards Institute, Calvin Stead from Kelly Engineering, and Adarsh Mantravadi from Passageways to learn:

  • The skills and expertise now required from our board members
  • The role data plays in providing good governance
  • What technology should do to increase board effectiveness
  • What true inclusion and diversity looks like
  • Addressing ESG and sustainability requirements

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Category:          Webinar
Time: 10:00 AM  - 11:00AM AEDT
Date: Wednesday 22 June, 2022

Talent Hubs Around the World, Next Stop: Europe

With a diverse and seasoned market, Europe has become an attractive region for Asia-based companies with global ambitions. The region also boasts highly educated and skilled professionals, making it a fertile ground for companies looking to scale quickly. 

But how can companies unlock the region’s growth opportunities to successfully expand their footprint and build a competitive workforce?  

Join Mark Hedley from Globalization Partners,  Kyril Davidoff from EO Executives, Tsvetelin Anastasov from Tech France Ambassadeurs, and Tiffany Parradine from Alchemy Global Talent Solutions as they provide insights on:  

  • How to take advantage of new market opportunities and tap into Europe’s remote talent pool.   
  • How to overcome common expansion challenges that arise when hiring international talent.??
  • How to leverage technology to make the most of your global recruitment efforts.?  

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Category:          Webinar
Time: 6:00 PM  - 7:00PM AEDT
Date: Thursday 30 June, 2022