I am a franchisee; can I still nominate?

Unfortunately, no. While we acknowledge the hard work and dedication that goes into running a franchise these awards are for entrepreneurs who have built an original business from the ground up.

Can I nominate for more than one category?

Yes, you can nominate for as many categories as you see fit. 

What if my category is not there?

For the most part, our categories encompass most sub-sectors of the business landscape. If for whatever reason you feel you do not fit into a category that is available, please select one or more categories that you feel is the most appropriate. If you wish, please state a category that reflects your business segment for us to consider. 

Do I need to fill in all of the information?

The more information you fill in the easier it is for us to see what a fantastic business you have. Please fill in as much as practicable with as much detail as you see fit to truly make your business and entrepreneurial journey stand out. Certain sections of the nomination form are mandatory and are highlighted with an asterisk.

What happens after I complete my form?


The form will be assessed by a Business News Australia journalist. If you are a potential finalist a Business News Australia journalist will be in contact with you to conduct a short interview to learn more about your company and potentially clarify elements of your nomination.


From there, we will let you know via Email if your nomination was successful. Finalists will be required to provide proof of your finances at this point.


Finalists will then be offered the opportunity to attend the Young Entrepreneur Awards Gala events in their respecitve cities - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Nominees from other cities will be considered and contacted with regards to the national event later in the year. 


Those who are winners at the city-based awards will then be invited to the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards.

Why do you need my financial information and how will you treat it?

We require evidence of your financial information to gauge the success of your business in the market. This element of the nomination is just one part of the judging process, and also allows us to discern your potential growth prospects.

We treat all of your financial information with respect and will commit it to secrecy. No financial information will be divulged on nor at the Young Entrepreneur Awards without prior permission from you. The financial information is also not shared with any third parties.

When are the awards?

Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards will be held on Friday 23 September.

Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards will be held on Friday 7 October.

Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards will be held on Friday 21 October.

Sydney Young Entrepreneur Awards will be held on Friday 4 November.

Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards will be held on Saturday 26 December.

What if my business is pre-revenue, can I still win an award?

Absolutely! We are looking for businesses that show incredible growth potential. Entrepreneurs with pre-revenue businesses have won awards in the past.

Do I have to pay to enter the competition?

No, it is free to enter the competition. The only price you have to pay is for tickets to the fantastic Award night.

Are tickets to the Award night free for finalists?

No, as this is a Gala Dinner event with food, alcohol and entertainment, we have to charge to cover our costs.

Can I win more than one award?

Yes, it is possible that you can win multiple category awards. All finalists are also up for the Trailblazer Award and the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

What if I have not finalised my financials yet?

If that is the case, please just supply us with a draft profit and loss statement.

Do I need to submit a profit and loss statement?

Yes, if you are a finalist we will ask you to submit a P&L statement.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, we encourage any founder who believes in themselves to nominate for our awards. Don't be shy!

When must the entry be completed by?

Nominations for the 2022 Young Entrepreneur Awards will open on 1 July 2022. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up for updates.

Can I attend the Awards even if I am not a finalist?

Yes, we absolutely encourage you to come and attend the Gala event. Everyone is on a different stage of their entrepreneurial journey, and if your journey has just started this is a wonderful opportunity to meet likeminded peers and to fast-track your growth, allowing you to build a network, and there may even be business opportunities for you should the cards fall in your favour.

What is the judging criteria?

Though not an exhaustive list, these are some criteria the judges will evaluate your application on:

Financial Performance: Turnovers and growth are important, but so is the sustainability of the business model. How mature is your company and where does current growth sit in that timeline?

Disruption: Is your business a leader or pioneer in its field and/or is it disruptive? In some instances disruption may need to be measured more by the way the business operates rather than by a specific technology that gives it a competitive edge. Is it staying ahead of the curve through disruption?

Entrepreneurial Spirit: What is your vision? Do you demonstrate personal commitment in the face of adversity? Do you show a lack of fear through a belief in the business and in themselves?

Vision: It is usually a given that entrepreneurs have vision, but it's also important to see how that vision has become reality.

Community Impact: What sort of impact is your business making through jobs, work environment and even inspiring others to greatness?

How do you fund these awards?

The continued success and growth of the Young Entrepreneur Awards is largely facilitated thanks to our sponsors and partners.

How do I nominate someone for the Young Entrepreneur Awards?

Click on below link and fill in the entrepreneurs name, business name and contact details (if you have them).

What if I do not live in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold Coast?

If you are a finalist from outside of these cities you will be given the opportunity to be a finalist in the National Young Entrepreneur Awards.

What is this award all about?

The Young Entrepreneur Awards is a special and unique initiative celebrating entrepreneurship in Australia. The aim is to create a platform for you to gain invaluable exposure, connect with likeminded individuals and to foster collaboration.

I do not want to provide financial information; can I still enter?

You will need you to complete the financial section to be able to be part of the awards. If you are pre-revenue, please state this in your application. Your financial information is treated as confidential. No information will be published or used publicly.

What is your policy on Commercial Confidence?

All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be viewed by the judging panel. We have strict confidential and non-disclosure agreements internally and with our judges, to ensure all information is treated in complete confidence. Information for marketing collateral for the Awards and articles for Business News Australia's news site will be requested separately and therefore agreed by you.

Can my company sponsor an Award if I'm a nominee?

Yes, you can, however you cannot sponsor your own award category. Please contact Rory McDonnell on 0426 859 896 or email [email protected] to find out more.

What are the benefits of entering the Awards?

Every entrant in the Young Entrepreneur Awards will be considered for inclusion in Business News Australia's exclusive Top 100 Young Entrepreneur list published later this year. The Young Entrepreneur Awards will culminate in an awards ceremony at a gala event where you will join a stellar cast who share the same strain of passion, eye for innovation and desire to leave a legacy as you do. You will be able to form close bonds, exchange ideas and create business opportunities in a relaxed and fun setting with both finalists and winners recognised on the night. Once part of this initiative, you'll join an influential cohort of young entrepreneurs who will have access to stakeholders in both business and government.

Am I guaranteed a spot on the Top Entrepreneur list if I enter the Awards?


I'm the co-founder of a business and born in 1983 or later. However my co-founder was born before 1983. Am I still eligible to nominate?

Yes, you are but your co-founder is not. Please make sure we are made aware that there is a second co-founder, however.

Quite simply our mission is to find and recognise young business talent in Australia.

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