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Market Cap April 15: $140.05m
CEO: Martin Monro
HY15 Revenue: $595m
HY15 Profit: $6.2m
Staff: 1400
Listed: 1985

WATPAC expects its FY15 profit to be "broadly in line" with FY14, with weak performances in its mining and civil segment offset by strong performances in contracting.

The pre-tax profit in the mining and civil division fell by 73 per cent to $2.5 million, while pre-tax profit in the contracting division increased by 58 per cent to $16 million.

In HY15, Watpac won more than $250 million new contracts and extensions.

The company also commenced work on the $24 million Ronald McDonald House project in Queensland.

Its total construction forward order book includes a diverse mix of projects, with a total value of $1.2 billion. Read More


Market Cap April 15: $138.1m
CEO: David Keir
FY14 Revenue: $333.5m (Full-year to December 2014)
FY14 Profit: $3.59m (Full-year to December 2014)
Staff: 200
Listed: 1993

DEVINE has assured investors it is back on track after posting net profit of $3.59 million in calendar year 2014, following two years of losses.

The residential developer recorded a $72.9 million interim loss a year earlier, after being hit with asset write-downs.

Annual revenue of $333.49 million and an $80 million debt reduction have boosted Devine's bottom line.

The company has commenced construction on Mode in Newstead, as the company identifies opportunity in apartment developments.

Devine also aims to replenish its community development portfolio and secure more contracts for its construction division. Read More


43. DATA#3 (DTL)

Market Cap April 15: $122.41m
MD: John Grant
HY15 Revenue: $406.4m
HY15 Profit: $3.6m
Staff: 200
Listed: 1997

A SHIFT from products to services has benefitted Data#3's bottom line, with the company recording a 39 per cent profit jump to $3.6 million.

A 16 per cent increase in services revenue more than offset the 1 per cent drop in products revenue. 

The company's interim dividend increased by 40 per cent, while its overall revenue increased by 2 per cent to $406 million.

After 18 years as MD, John Grant is stepping down in December 2015, while Laurence Baynham will take over as CEO.

Baynham has 20 years of experience at Data#3, including 10 years as group general manager. Read More


Market Cap April 15: $114.98m
CEO: David McAdam
HY15 Revenue: $123.3m
HY15 Profit: $3.2m
Staff: 350
Listed: 2010

SEYMOUR Whyte's profit fell 34.8 per cent between HY14 and HY15 due to a slowing Queensland transport infrastructure market.

The company's cash and cash equivalents fell by $5 million, to $36 million, while it reinvested a separate $5 million into long-term business assets.

The weak transport infrastructure market was offset by Seymour Whyte's utilities infrastructure division.

It began two new utilities projects worth a total of $24 million, including a water main replacement at Jindalee. The company's new transport infrastructure projects included a $116 million road project in Townsville and a $43 million project on part of the Warrego Highway.

Queensland remains the primary revenue source for Seymour Whyte, contributing 58 per cent of revenue during HY15, but the company is aiming to diversify further.

About 25 per cent of its revenue now comes from NSW, including the $26 million Green Square Trunk Stormwater Project and an $86 million project on the Great Western Highway. Read More


Market Cap April 15: $109.63m
MD: Alex "Sandy" Grant
HY15 Revenue: $30.2m
HY15 Profit: $2.6m
Staff: 200
Listed: 2007

WILSON HTM attracted an extra $2.1 billion of funds to manage between June and December, bringing its total funds managed to $15.9 billion.

Profit increased from $2.3 million in HY14 to $2.6 million in HY15. The group's immediate goals are to re-focus its Priority Funds and reduce corporate overheads.

Wilson's funds management business, Pinnacle, recorded a profit of $4.2 million in HY15, up 62 per cent from HY14.

In contrast, the Wilson HTM business segment reported a small profit before tax of $100,000, down from $1.7 million in the prior corresponding period.


Market Cap April 15: $102.24
MD: Timothy Bartholomaeus
HY15 Revenue: $49.86m
HY15 Profit: $3.19m
Staff: n/a
Listed: 2000

TAMAWOOD stands by its previously announced interim dividend of 10c fully franked - a 25 per cent increase on early guidance. It has also reaffirmed its guidance of a 15c fully franked final dividend, bringing the total dividend to 25c.

The company retains cash and cash equivalents of $2.7 million, down from $5.6 million in the previous corresponding period.

The company recorded a 74 per cent increase in profit from HY14 to HY15.

Revenue from external customers increased by 40 per cent, thanks to new franchising operations, while total revenue increased by 26 per cent to $50 million.

Expansion costs in Melbourne and Adelaide weakened Tamawood's results slightly, as did delays in NSW land registration.


Market Cap April 15: $97.71m
MD: Richard Mathews
HY15 Revenue: $33.1m
HY15 Loss: $2.87m
Staff: 250
Listed: 2008

RESTRUCTURING and impairment costs of $2.3 million drove RungePincockMinarco to a $2.9 million loss in HY15.

The company recorded an $88,000 profit from ordinary activities but also suffered from accelerated depreciation worth $700,000.

The company continues to cut staff numbers in Australia, from 309 in December 2013, to 284 in June 2014, to 275 in December 2014.

It generated savings of $4.4 million by renegotiating lease arrangements for office space in Sydney and Perth.

Plunging iron ore prices have also weakened RungePincockMinarco's advisory business.

The advisory segment now constitutes only 35 per cent of the company's business, while the software segment has grown from 44 per cent to 56 per cent.

Revenue from the software segment grew by 11 per cent in HY15.

The company expects to face continued challenges in its advisory business in 2015, but retains confidence in the burgeoning software division.


Market Cap April 15: $95m
MD: Benjamin McKee
HY15 Revenue: $57.87m
HY15 Profit: $3.6m
Staff: 100
Listed: 2012

HIGHER prices and good weather have produced some sweet results for Capilano, with revenue rising 34 per cent compared to HY14.

The average cost of domestic supplier honey has risen to $4.60 per kilogram, compared to $3.50 in HY14, due to reduced supply across Australia. Yet demand remains high, with Capilano experiencing a 19 per cent increase in export sales.

The company has reduced its net debt to $4.3 million, down from $7.6 million in June 2014 and $10 million in December 2013.

It has also acquired Victorian honey pack Yellow Limited - which traded as Chandlers Honey - and plans to deploy Yellow's staff and assets to reopen the Capilano factory at Maryborough in Victoria.

Capilano does not issue interim dividends but expects to announce a strong full-year dividend in 2015. Read More



Market Cap April 15: $71.84m
MD: Stuart Smith
HY15 Revenue: $120,000
HY15 Loss: $4.03m
Staff: n/a
Listed: 2010


REDFLOW is continuing to develop and market its signature zinc-bromide module (ZBM) battery from its research and development centre in Brisbane.

The product received the European Union's CE certification in January 2015, and is manufactured by US supply chain Flextronics.

The company is marketing the ZBM specifically for the storage and shifting of intermittent renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, due to the battery's daily deep charge and discharge capability.

Redflow received a research and development tax incentive of $1.89 million in HY15 and expects to receive another incentive later in 2015.

Redflow has now developed a prototype for integrating its ZBM into existing solar power arrays, thanks to some assistance from the federal government's Cleantech program.

The company is confident that sales will eventually commence in larger volumes, but admits that "the time taken to get new technology and products to market is proving longer than expected".

It only produced $40,000 from sale of goods in HY15, but retains more than $4 million in cash and cash equivalents.


Market Cap April 15: $65.31m
CEO: Michael Buckland
HY15 Revenue: $102.1m
HY15 Loss: $41.6m
Staff: 1500
Listed: 2004

SUBDUED capital spending in the mining industry drove Austin to a $41.6 million loss for HY15, but the company was buoyed by excellent results in its Indonesian business unit on Batam Island. Its total revenue only dropped slightly, from $106 million in HY14 to $102 million in HY15.

Austin's main workshop facilities in Perth suffered from lower demand, but still managed to add new clients, as did the Pilbara operation in the north of Western Australia.

Water engineering subsidiary Westech continues to supply clients across the US and Canada, and has now completed its first sales in Mexico. Westech is currently defending itself against a patent infringement claim. Read More





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