Business News Australia's annual lists feature the country's most successful listed businesses and their leaders.

In compiling the following list of Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs, Business News Australia scoured the country to identify the nation’s leading business talent aged 40 and under, not just from valuations but through a wide range of metrics around financials, growth, traction, brand value, business model strength, positive disruption, societal impact, inspirational attributes, proven achievements and potential
Sydney Top Companies 2022 is snapshot of a changing corporate landscape that is still shaking off the pandemic. It also offers insights into companies looking for a sustainable future in uncertain times.
The waning impact of the pandemic and a subsequent rush of businesses investing for growth has breathed a new energy into Melbourne’ s top companies in 2022, driven almost exclusively by the massive demand for commodities.
Many of Australia's leading young entrepreneurs featured on this list faced challenges this year, but remarkably they pulled through by either overhauling their business models to capitalise on newfound opportunities, or simply did what they do best with a couple of tweaks.


Brisbane’s top companies have been a hotbed of growth in 2021 - a year that saw the combined market cap of the city’s largest ASX-listed entities rise by almost 50 per cent to just shy of $120 billion.

It was a year of mergers, acquisitions, de-mergers and spin-offs for Sydney’s leading listed companies in 2021, as the shocks that sidelined investors in 2020 spurred new opportunities in a still emerging ‘new normal’ world defined by vaccination, inflation and a scramble for assets.

After a rollercoaster 2020 of travel restrictions, seismic structural shifts and health threats that have changed the way we live and work, Melbourne's businesses have beaten the odds.






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