18 core categories plus the coveted Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

For more than a decade the Young Entrepreneur Awards have uncovered the nation's top business minds and put them in the spotlight for their talents.

This year has been no exception. We thank every entrepreneur who has nominated for taking the time to share their story with us.

Although 2020 had us meeting virtually, this year we charged ahead to host the country's most prestigious business awards in person - the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards.

There, entrepreneurs met peers who share the same strain of passion, eye for innovation and desire to leave a legacy. This stellar group is the one you will want to keep your eyes on.

We aim to celebrate the success of young founders who are in the driver's seat of Australia's most exciting businesses.

The nation's savviest business minds were announced at a gala dinner on the Gold Coast, on 18 December at the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort. Read all about it here.

Following hundreds of interviews and hours of discussions we also unveiled the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in Australia

Enriching Australia's cultural offering and reputation, whether through the fine arts, entertainment, artisanship or other disciplines essential to lifestyle. 
Mastering the digital arts by using software tools, marketing channels or inventive new apps to deliver services that significantly raise your client's profiles.
Talent that goes far beyond an eye for detail. Making it big in the fashion industry requires dedication, leadership and a knack for cutting through the noise to create something truly unique. 
Whether they are out to change the accounting game or are simply unparalleled in crunching numbers, these entrepreneurs are the face of finance.

Sweating it out at the gym every day is hard but building a fitness empire is harder. A fierce passion for health and fitness should be rivalled only by your success in business. 

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Breaking new ground in medical technology, educating and assisting the public on essential health matters, and making the country a safer place to live.

Entrepreneurs who have founded a venue that attracts the social set, own a restaurant that may be the city's best kept secret or manage a successful events or tourism company.

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In a sector that is considered the backbone of the broader economy, these entrepreneurs are punching above their weight. They create the supply to meet the demand, not only in Australia but across several booming international markets. 
Forging creative new ways to promote a product, service or event is what makes them tick. They have made a name for their clients, and certainly made a name for themselves in the Marketing space. 
Telling the stories that matter is what these entrepreneurs do best. Whether distributing news through their own channels or to the Australian media and beyond, they know what it takes to get audiences on the hook.
Helping businesses lift their performances day in, day out. They find efficiencies, they make doing business easier, they connect, and they thrive on tapping unfulfilled needs.

Whether adding to a climbing skyline, bolstering its foundations or marketing its finest properties, both residential and commercial, these entrepreneurs go the extra mile to enrich the country's development.

Covering both the clicks and bricks spaces, showcasing an excellence at providing goods and services directly to the customer. 

Carving a modern niche within traditional industries that service the needs of everyday life. They perform essential trades and provide backbone services for both residential and commercial clients.

Recognising those who are in the early stages of developing a vision and are using technology to scale. While the businesses of these next entrepreneurs may be young in years, they are bursting with potential.

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Inventing, servicing or developing solutions in the IT or electronics space is all in a day’s work for these entrepreneurs. Through sheer innovation and no small amount of hardware, they are changing how consumers operate.

All finalists are up for the Trailblazer Award, which is presented to an entrepreneur that has achieved exponential growth in their business over a short period of time. This is one that the judging panel believes will make a big name for itself and has the potential for major, success. 


The Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognises the city’s most ambitious young entrepreneur who has cemented their own unique place in the business community. Our winner joins this stellar cast of game changers who have each boosted the country's reputation, achieved outstanding success and greatly contributed to Australia’s economic prosperity. Their determination and dedication has ensured they not only have thrived in their industry, but become a force to be reckoned with, and this entrepreneur we are about to reveal is no exception.





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