Gain tips and insights to drive your business forward in 2023 and beyond

Over the years Business News Australia has reported on the achievements of thousands of entrepreneurs through our editorial coverage, bringing to light their incredible stories while drawing inspiration from their resilience, creativity and leadership. 

In that same spirit we are excited to be hosting our inaugural E2E Summit on 16-17 February (Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur)at the ivy in Sydney, bringing together some of the nation’s top business minds.  

The intimate event will feature talks and Q&As with some of Australia’s most exceptional founders, touching on themes ranging from personal success stories and overcoming adversity to tales of positive disruption, the importance of meaningful ESG engagement, how to effectively raise capital, and more. 

This is an amazing opportunity for you to connect with like-minded peers, gain tips and insights on how to drive your business forward in 2023 and beyond. 

If at any point you have pondered one of the following, then this event is a must-attend for you:

  • How do I raise capital or secure funds from investors?
  • How do I accelerate the growth of my business?
  • How do I improve the reputation and brand of my business?
  • What can I do to make my business more innovative?
  • How can I build an ethically & environmentally responsible business?
  • When is the right time to exit and how do I prepare my business for sale?
  • How do I compete in a fast moving and volatile environment?
  • How do I overcome adversity and bounce back after failure?
  • How do I build resilience and achieve the 'impossible' when times are tough?
  • How do I develop resilient supply chains, achieve strategic objectives and manage resources?
  • How do I tap into an innovation-led mindset as an entrepreneur?

This intimate event will feature talks with some of Australia's most inspiring entrepreneurs who collectively have: 

  • Achieved unicorn status
  • Built national empires
  • Bought and sold companies for eight figures
  • Founded companies that have disrupted, overtaken and even acquired their competitors
  • Expanded internationally
  • Raised capital from investors and listed on the ASX
  • Invested in startups and scaleups
  • Effected social and environmental change to the benefit of the planet


Vu Tran - unicorn GO1

Vu Tran
Co-founder of unicorn GO1

What does it take to build a unicorn? If anyone knows, it’s co-founder of Go1, Vu Tran. Having started the business back in 2009, Tran and his co-founders have transformed the global workplace training platform into an internationally recognised smash hit. 
Read more

Alex Bottomley
Co-founder of Ampersand Projects

Innovation is at the core of Ampersand Projects and front of mind for co-founder Alex Bottomley. Having been in the ready-to-drink space before international conglomerates wanted a sip, the alcohol brand has steadily built a reputation that is fun and fizzy.  Read more here

Julie Mathers
Founder of Flora & Fauna
and owner of Snuggle Hunny

Julie Mathers founded vegan, ethical and sustainable products e-comm platform Flora & Fauna in 2014, before selling the company for $30 million to BWX last year. Since then, the entrepreneur has gone on to acquire a new business herself, babywear brand Snuggle Hunny Kids. Read more here

Stuart Cook
Former Global CEO of Zambrero, co-founder of Flave, founding partner TWIYO Capital

Whether it’s through early stage investing in high-impact businesses with TWIYO Capital or working on Oz Harvest’s new venture arm to back food waste and food ecosystem technologies, Stuart Cook is out to make a difference. A former CEO of Zambrero, he knows how restaurants can effect positive change at scale and co-founded emerging plant-based chain Flave. Read more

Tom Caska
Co-founder of Aerologix

"Lean in to the fall” is the message from Tom Caska, whose career as a Qantas pilot was shattered when he broke his neck. Through adversity, he took back control of his life and transferred his skills to another form of aircraft, in 2019 co-founding Aerologix as an ‘Uber for Drones. Read more here

Dr Stephen Morse 
Founder of Unchained Solutions

Having assisted and advocated for survivors of human trafficking in Europe and Australia, Dr Stephen Morse has a deep understanding of modern slavery and what it means for businesses to address this issue in their supply chains and operations. In 2018, he founded Unchained Solutions to offer modern slavery analysis tools, e-learning courses and improvement strategies for companies looking to better their ESG. Read more

Jade Spooner
Co-founder of Equalution and Big Uppetite

What began with a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley for Jade Spooner became the successful digital pocket nutrition coach Equalution, but earlier this year the entrepreneur parted ways with the fast-growing company to chase the next big idea - Big Uppetite, which is helping start-ups around Australia thrive in the online space in tech, marketing and business coaching. Read more here

Steve Maarbani
Founder of VentureCrowd

Steve Maarbani's VentureCrowd is changing the way Australians invest. Having built a 64,000-strong membership base, VentureCrowd backs successful startups with strong track records that are able to deliver venture capital exits for investors. Read more here

Trevor Folsom
Co-founder and chair of Investible

Trevor Folsom is one of Australia’s most active and successful angel investors in the Australian tech start-up ecosystem and is the co-founder and chair of early-stage venture capital firm Investible. He is a driving force behind Investible’s active global community of investors, serves on the board of listed education provider Kip McGrath and is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UNSW. Read more

Anaita Sarkar
Co-founder of Hero Packaging

Aiming to reduce waste in the e-commerce industry, Hero Packaging was founded by husband-and-wife team Anaita Sarkar and Vikram Davé, creating and selling zero waste, home-compostable shipping mailers and sustainable packaging to online retailers on a global scale. Read more

Alexis Soulopoulos
Co-founder of Mad Paws

Having started as a pet sitting platform back in 2014, Mad Paws has since grown to offer a full suite of pet services including dog walking & grooming, pet food delivery and even insurance for our furry friends. Founder Alexis listed the company on the ASX in 2021
and has completed a raft of strategic acquisitions since then. Read more

Xavier Orr
CEO and co-founder of Advanced Navigation

From aiding ocean restoration to guiding spacecraft for the next NASA moon landing, Advanced Navigation’s robotic and navigation technology can be applied to a wide range of challenges. With more than 1,200 clients, the company offers expertise across fields including sensors, GNSS, inertial navigation, RF technologies, acoustics, robotics, AI and algorithms. Read more

Murray Hurps 
Director of entrepreneurship, UTS

Murray Hurps has lived and breathed technology-enabled entrepreneurship since the age of 16 when he founded ad-blocking startup Ad Muncher, which over more than a decade grew to a peak of 100 million users.  

During the course of his career he has shown an insatiable appetite to improve the founder community, founding Startup Muster - the largest survey of Australian startups for five years - and Westpac’s data-focused accelerator program FUELD, as well as leading Fishburners as CEO, which grew from 100 desks of startup space to 750 across Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai during his tenure. 

Today Murray carries on that same spirit as director of entrepreneurship at UTS, where he has built the largest community of student-launched startups in a single space in Australia, helping new entrepreneurs spread innovations and create jobs that will drive the nation’s recovery.  Read more

9am - 5pm
Sunset Soiree  5 - 7pm

9am - 2.30pm

Ivy Sunroom
320 George Street, Sydney

Bringing brilliant entrepreneurs together.


Please call us on 02 8002 7710 or email [email protected] if you need any further information.