Brisbane's EVOS charges up with $1.7 million raise

Brisbane's EVOS charges up with $1.7 million raise

EVOS founders - chief technology officer Chris Crossman, chief experience & innovation officer Seshan Weeratunga; and CEO and chief commercial officer Marcelo Salgado.

EVOS, a Brisbane-based startup specialising in fleet energy management and charging for electric vehicles, has today announced the completion of a $1.7 million seed funding round backed by a major automotive manufacturer and an ASX100 listed company.

The investment from Autostrada and the undisclosed listed company will enable EVOS to commercialise its chargers and energy management software platform in Australia and export it to the world, with interest already expressed in the company's products abroad.

All three founders of EVOS, CEO Marcelo Salgado, Seshan Weeatunga and Chris Crossman, previously held senior positions at Tritium - one of the world's leading EV DC charging manufacturers also based in Brisbane.

"We're looking forward to using this investment to commercialise our products and deliver Australian businesses and the world an easy solution to their home and workplace charging needs," Salgado said.

"Australia has an exceptional engineering and manufacturing track record, and electric vehicles and charging offers the nation an opportunity to continue that tradition in a new sector.

"Our investors feel the same way, and we can't wait to take our solutions to homes and fleets across Australia and into overseas markets."

The funding will also be used to hire a further nine engineers to the team to build out and fine-tune the company's purpose-built home and fleet chargers and its software platform.

EVOS' approach to home charging is underpinned by two products: the EVOS Fleet Home 22 AC Charger and the dual charge equivalent the EVOS Twin.

Both are designed and built in Australia to meet the unique requirement of homes and fleets and can be easily installed in residences across the country.

As vehicles are stationary for most of the time, AC charging allows businesses and fleets to utilise idle time at night (up to 10 hours) or during work hours to charge their cars.

"It's designed to be simple to install and uninstall, so even employees could uninstall a charger in their garage," Crossman said.

"It can withstand outdoor weather conditions, is IP65 rated and updates to the underlying software are delivered over the air (OTA) via Wi-Fi. But more than that, it's safe and its reliable for homes and fleets alike."

Each AC Charger will be manufactured in Brisbane through Circuit Solutions, which is the manufacturing arm of Autostrada, one of the two major investors in EVOS.

"Circuit Solutions' manufacturing line is 100 per cent powered by solar," Weeratunga added.

"As governments look to achieve net-zero targets, they should look towards EVs and ultimately EVOS to help them get there."

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