SEEING a gap in the market for protein powder that's suitable for women, as well as organic and tasty, the founder of Happy Way started down a path that's only proved fruitful.

Ben Germein and Hien Nguyen (pictured) are the Adelaide based co-founders of popular superfood supplement brand Happy Way.

The product is made out of grass fed whey, and packed with superfoods like chia seeds, matcha powder, and coconut flour, which helps it stand out from the cluttered market of proteins supplements.

The two started the business after working in the health and fitness industry for a number of years. Germein's history has seen him owning 11 Antyime Fitness gyms around Australia, and Nguyen has been working in women's health for 13 years.

The group, proudly based in South Australia, now sells Happy Way product around the world. The duo recently opened a warehouse in the United Kingdom to keep up with the product's demand in Europe.

Being good friends with online megastar Ashy Bines has given the brand a boost to the international stage. Germein and Nguyen recently joined the influencer in May this year when they joined Ashy on her Squad Tour in London.

Their eye for the new and untapped markets has recently seen the entrepreneurs announce a new vegan protein flavour, Vanilla Vegan, which Germein says was an obvious decision to make.

"Vanilla was the next obvious option to introduce as our second vegan powder as it has maintained a cult following within our whey range," says Germein.

Business News Australia spoke to the founders of Happy Way to find out what motivates them to keep kicking goals, how the power of online branding can build a business, and their top tips for budding entrepreneurs.

What differentiates Happy Way from other protein brands out there?

BEN: We use a grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand, so it's a superior, cleaner, more nutrient dense product than compared to conventional weigh that usually comes from America. It can be used after a workout but it can also be used in the kitchen, making smoothies or one of those good smoothie bowls or protein pancakes. We really see it as a lifestyle product that's probably the main thing.

What's been a highlight for the company?

HIEN: Moving from the kitchen to an actual warehouse! We used to pack everything in my house, and Ben's house, and seeing it grow that quick has been amazing. We've got our social media blowing up as well with tens of thousands of followers; there's a lot of people who believe in our product and our lifestyle.

BEN: Also our collaboration with our biggest ambassador Ashy Bines. She's internationally known in the health and fitness space and she is an influencer of our product and promotes our product so that was a pretty big milestone for us.

What motivates you how - do you stay focused?

BEN: We're providing a product that's going to positively improve someone's life. It's a growing industry, the health industry is huge, and that's what's very motivating. We're in this space and we're mainly an ecommerce business as well, and we like to positively influence our community on a daily basis. It's very motivating for both of us.

What's your number one tip for budding entrepreneurs?

BEN: From my perspective, have a sense of urgency, don't hold back, if you've got an idea just do it, jump in and do it, but do it now. Get some action and get it happening.

What's the best thing about working in South Australia/Adelaide?

BEN: Every time I go to Melbourne and Sydney I love it, there's a lot of action there and a lot of energy, but I also love to leave. When you come to Adelaide people have got time for in depth conversations, they're not as rushed, there's not as much traffic. I think all the things overall equate to a more relaxed lifestyle. And then also we can jump on an international flight, Adelaide to Dubai or Adelaide to Qatar; you can get out really quickly too.

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