Editor's Message (6/9)

WHILE Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is still shouldering the back-patting antics of Canberra colleagues over his successful G20 mission, Queensland companies are creating their own day in the sun.

As Australia prepares to take a permanent seat at the table of the new post-global financial crisis world and the old G8 model cinders in the ashes of the crash, sustainable businesses are designing blueprints and securing multi-million dollar contracts all over the sunshine state.

When Eco Kinetics landed the State Government contract to supply solar energy solutions to Queensland households last year, it set the wheels in motion as it now careers toward growth of plus 900 per cent.

The company is about to open an office in every Australian state and take renewable energy solutions to the South Pacific, Middle East, US, Brazil and China.

Chief executive Edwin Cywinski will propel his company toward revenues of around $50 million in the next 12 months as developing nations seek clean renewable energy solutions. Powering the entire Polynesian island of Tuvalu is just one of the contracts the solar company has in the pipeline. It will also supply solar to a number of schools in Fiji, funded by the European Union.

In this issue, we track a stream of innovators that are tapping into emerging demand in areas of habitat management, soil technology, IT and software solutions, hospitality and construction.

A Broadbeach-based IT company has won contracts in 14 international markets with its carbon emission measuring software. The revolutionary concept, Little Green Genie (LGG) measures the amount of energy being used by a computer before offsetting by buying carbon credits.

But as climate change becomes a major factor in profitability, Gold Coast companies will also need to change their financial planning and business strategies.

Professor Bob Miles, a delegate to the UN Climate Change panel, is skeptical that SME capitals such as the Coast can fully grasp and utilise best practice when it comes to exacting real change. He explains that unless we connect to these new global drivers then regional business will suffer and struggle to respond to the changing demands of consumers.

Also in this issue, we talk recovery with a panel of economists and commentators - all of whom have varying views and forecasts. From the chief economist at RBS Morgans Michael Knox to ANZ economist Alex Joiner and demographer Bernard Salt – each brings a fresh perspective to the impacts and the challenges ahead.

And while most business owners are to be lauded for helping to deter dire unemployment forecasts by reducing staff hours and not retrenching en masse, now is the time to foster nous and to re-educate.

We go back to the drawing board and learn a few things from mature aged students that are undertaking degrees and MBAs and putting them to practical use.

But for some, playing a round of golf with wise mentors, savvy competitors and competitve colleagues is enough to stimulate the senses - in which case, we also have you covered.

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Jason Oxenbridge

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