Emyria selected to join Peter Thiel's Palantir Foundry Builders Program

Emyria selected to join Peter Thiel's Palantir Foundry Builders Program

Emyria managing director Dr Michael Winlo

Clinical drug development company Emyria (ASX: EMD) has been invited to participate in the second cohort of Palantir Technologies’ (NYSE: PLTR) Foundry Builders Program, giving it access to the tech giant's highly secure data integration and analysis software.

Co-founded by tech billionaire Peter Thiel, Palantir is a world leader in data platforms for major organisations and institutions with complex and sensitive data environments including the US Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and Sanofi.

Under the program, Perth-based Emirya will have access to the full Palantir Foundry stack, greatly enhancing its data infrastructure, security, integration and analysis capabilities under a markedly reduced subscription model.

Emyria managing director Dr Michael Winlo says the program will enable it to leverage its growing Real-World Evidence (RWE) asset, which now covers detailed and longitudinal health outcome data for more than 5,000 patients with complex medical conditions.

“We’re delighted to be selected to be part of the global Palantir ecosystem and leveraging one of the world’s most sophisticated and powered data platforms for our proprietary Real-World Evidence (RWE),” says Dr Winlo.

“RWE is being increasingly used by major global drug regulators, like the FDA, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new treatments.

“Palantir Foundry greatly improves our ability to secure, integrate, generate and analyse our RWE - both internally and with our global partners - meaning we can deliver on our mission to develop new treatments and improve patient care, faster.”

Emirya is one of ten emerging companies invited to join the second cohort of the Foundry Builders Program, alongside businesses specialising in industries like blockchain, digital media and digital nutrition.

Some of the other companies joining the second cohort are:

  • Elementus, a New York-based blockchain analytics platform
  • European Cricket Network, a digital media company based in Switzerland dedicated to streaming and promoting European cricket
  • Foodsmart, a San Francisco-based digital nutrition and healthy food buying marketplace
  • KatalystDI, a Houston-based company dedicated to improving construction through integrating and automating supply chain data
  • mePrism, a Los Angeles-based startup focused on enabling customers to take control over their data and how it is transacted in the digital marketplace
  • VayuAI, a San Francisco-based technology company that operates a platform for optimising wind farm performance.

“We’re excited to expand the use of Palantir Foundry to yet another group of hypergrowth startups,” Palantir COO Shyam Sankar said.

“These organisations have ambitious goals and timelines - they see building on Foundry as infrastructure as the cheapest and fastest way to market.

“It takes too long and is too risky to manually build solutions from a bag of cloud services. Foundry’s software defined data integration and no-code applications mean customers can onboard new customers and develop new apps at a speed and cost that was previously inconceivable.”

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