Young Entrepreneur Awards to celebrate Brisbane's rising stars tonight

Young Entrepreneur Awards to celebrate Brisbane's rising stars tonight

Photo: Jamie McGlinchey, via Unsplash.

There is a tangible buzz in the Queensland capital at the moment and it's not just for finals footy this weekend. Tonight a very different contest will be taking place as the city's brightest young business minds convene on the W Brisbane to celebrate entrepreneurship and revel in the achievements of a blossoming founder community.

From VC darlings to self-funded scale-ups, the 2023 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards has a long track record of unveiling high achievers. Now in its 15th year, the event's line-up tonight is no different with a veritable smorgasbord of talent ranging from fintech falcons to doyens of dining, health heroes to fabulous fashionistas, sustainability sensations and more.

Amidst the very real pressures in society around the cost of living, this year's finalists bucked the challenges to net a combined $520 million in revenue in FY23 and directly employee more than 1,300 full-time staff alongside more than 2,200 part-timers, casuals and contractors.

This represents a major contribution to the economy, all stemming from the generative ideas of resourceful humans and the professionals who have joined them to deliver on their missions. And it's not all about the money - many of these entrepreneurs are helping to resolve problems both global and local.

Even amongst the pre-revenue or very low-revenue contenders playing the long game of R&D and meticulous market development, there has been remarkable progress to date including a robot to assist surgeons, a high-tech snow beanie that is actually a helmet, and a job swiping app that takes its cues from Tinder.

It is also worth noting that in a business environment where women are underrepresented on so many levels - whether it be leadership, ownership or investment funding attraction - there are 35 female founders as finalists this year.

The overall winner of the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award will become part of a legacy that includes serial tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery, Good Price Pharmacy founders Anthony Yap and Hahn Luu, NOJA Power founder Quynh Anh Le, Go1 founders Andrew Barnes, Vu Tran, Chris Eigeland and Chris Hood, and Swyftx founders Angus Goldman and Alex Harper, among others.

Young Entrepreneur Awards founder Camilla Jansen highlights the outstanding calibre of nominations in 2023, and is thrilled to be launching this year's series of events in Brisbane to celebrate the achievements of the city's forward-thinking founders.

"What I love most about these events is the community that it builds, bringing together founders from so many different industries and stages of their journeys. Over the years entrepreneurs have been giving invaluable support to one another, and close friendships have been formed. 

"What also makes us proud is the way it normalises entrepreneurship as a life vocation, inspiring others to do the same, encouraging people to believe in their own ideas and capabilities to act on them. Congratulations to all the finalists and a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate," she says.

"We aim to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Brisbane that will help to attract more talented founders and professionals, and create a more vibrant business ecosystem."

Jansen also thanks the event's corporate sponsors MaseratiUniversity of QueenslandMGISodaBrisbane City Council, Coraggio, VentureCrowd, iVvy and SAI Security.

"We wouldn't be able to do this without their help," she adds.

Aside from the two major awards of Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Trailblazer, the gala will span a range of sectors with 17 different award categories including:

  • Digital Disruptor
  • Fashion & Design
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Medicine
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • PR, Media & Events
  • Professional Services
  • Property & Construction
  • Retail & Services
  • Specialist Services
  • Startup
  • Sustainability & Social Responsibility
  • Technology

Meet the 2023 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards finalists (in alphabetical order)

Mikhailla Fitzgerald - 26 Talent Agency

Peter Watkinson - AERL

Alex Hamze & Nof Hamze - Alamour The Label

jessie mclachlan - Altru

Rob Joseph - Anti Ordinary

Lucinda Bayly - BAYLY PR

Nicholas Clarke & Dean Wattrus - Black Label Blending

Sarina Eggers - Business Kitz

Alborz Fallah & Paul Maric -

Nicholas Chapman - Chapcon DC, Newstart Homes Australia, Alpha Investments Company

Ash Reddy - Chess Mates

Corey Stone - CHS Building

Christian Sutton - Conquer Health Alliance

Chris Jeffery - Convergence Medical

Chris Allen & Kim Allen - CRA Construction

Morgan Wilson - creditte 

Mariana Fataccioli - Elysian Cartel

Tim Whybourne & Ryan Loehr - Emanuel Whybourne & Loehr

Matthew Wall & Lia Wall - Emerald Developments, Mwall Construction, Emerald Properties

Alex Ewart - Explorate

April Booij - FAME Event Design

Georgio Batsinilas - FitazFK

James Foley - FOLAR Studio

Sam McNamara - Getahead

Cian Dawson & Courtney Brown - GYM BOD, Rocket Creations

Jacklyn Bright - Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates

Jez Hedger & Caitlin Shannon - Hedger Enterprises, Rivercity House & Home Co, Bedzy

Katie Macinante - Hello Peachiee

Ashawani Soni - Holistic Home Care

Chris Baptista - HOMES by CMA, No Limit Developments

Daniel Wessels - Jacaranda Finance

James Bennett & Kirri- Lee Jacobson - James Bennett Grooming Academy, La Casa de Pooch, Australian Dog Grooming School, Academy of Grooming Arts India, Crackin Dog Grooming Salon

Jason Le - JRNY Digital Australia

Lachlan Feeney - Labrys

Courtney Lockett - Lockett McCullough Lawyers

Jesse Stowers - Lula Rum

Kyle Macmillan - Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors

Nic Blair & Matt Anderson - Midnight Health

Maria Braun - Mirabele Beauty

Carene Carroll - Modern Mamas

Jae Martin & Bec Martin - Mondaze Burgers & Shakes, Mondaze Media

Thomas Fu & Thomas Mcpherson - Motor Culture Australia

James Mutton - Motorcycle Trading, DMS Innovations

Ben Pullen - Outposter

Josh Fritz - Patch Agency, eSpace, PatchPets

Khush Balia - Penguin Podiatry

Daniel Lee, Dylan Simpson & Jess Wagner - Plum Partners

Daniel Lee & Dylan Simpson - Plum Property

Ross Ledingham - Potentia Solutions Leisure: Lina Rooftop, Soko Rooftop, Carmen Tequileria, Claw, Mina Italian, Soul Green Cafe

Candice Thompson & Luke Thompson - Preferred Care

Alastair Blenkin, Jesse Dymond, Nathan Dench, Thomas Newby & Timothy Rogers - ProcurePro

Grant Joy - Protegas Australia

Razia Ansari - RAIS Industries

Rebekah Strachan - RBB Fitness Studio

Katie Burton & Jessica McWatt Forbes - Red Stockholm

Katie Boulter - Rose Soiree

Nathan Schokker & Sandy Lokas - SafeCo, SafeVisit, SafeTicket, Luca, Wave CRM, LuckyDoor

Peter Dodeja - SAI Security Group, SAI Investments Group

Claire Lane - Save Our Supplies

Ella Doyle - Social Cut, Unthink

Samira Patel - Social Studio

Anni Jansen - Studio Figura

Beau Carter & Lucy Searle - Studio Untitled

Rebecca Petroff - Sunstate Conveyancing

Nora Fraser - The Multicultural Professional Network Inc

Nicholas Mitrossilis - The Yiros Shop, Midas Mediterranean

Joshua Spurway & Myrrah Balasabas - Vision Made Co

Tory Ogden - Voltora Industries, Kompliance

Tony Chan - Wagepay

Lana Hill - Walker Hill Digital

Nicholas Hill, Lana Hill, Josh Pickering, & Andrew Walker - Walker Hill Group

Declan Kluver & Blake Thompson - XRecruiter

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