Single Use Ain't Sexy acquired for second life in global hotel industry

Single Use Ain't Sexy acquired for second life in global hotel industry

A Melbourne-founded sustainability brand that encourages the re-use of soap dispensers with disolvable tablets, thus saving plastic from landfill, is about to be repurposed following an acquisition that will move its products to more than 50,000 hotel rooms worldwide.

Buzz Products has purchased Single Use Ain’t Sexy for an undisclosed sum, in a move that will replace mini single-use plastic bottles with large format and refillable amenities to international hotel brands including Hilton, Marriott, MGM Resorts, SLS, Atlantis, Belmond and Jackalope.

Under the ownership of Buzz - also a Melbourne-based company - will shift its focus to the wholesale travel market and cease operating as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand in Australia.

As part of the acquisition, Single Use Ain’t Sexy founder and CEO Josh Howard will join the Buzz team in an international role to help scale its full sustainable portfolio across an extensive distribution network of global travel partners.

"I am motivated by impact and this partnership with Buzz gives us the platform to affect much larger change together," says Howard, who was a Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards finalist in 2021.

"The sheer scale of their global operations means we will save more single-use plastic bottles from landfill with just one hotel partnership than we could achieve alone - that excites me."

Single Use Ain't Sexy founder Josh Howard.
Single Use Ain't Sexy founder Josh Howard.

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Buzz co-founder and managing director Barry Gold says the two companies will be stronger together as they "revolutionise" how the world’s best airlines, hotels, cruise and rail lines replace single-use amenities with refillable alternatives for travellers.

"Buzz has always been a proud first mover in the war against waste, so we are delighted to welcome another trailblazer in Single Use Ain’t Sexy to the Buzz family," Gould says.

Since its inception Buzz has invested heavily in sustainable initiatives. In recent years its marketleading proprietary ecoTHREAD blankets for airlines like Emirates and Jetstar have saved more than 100 million plastic drinking bottles from landfill.

"Creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We create incredible collaborations with the world’s best brands including Armani, Le Labo, TUMI and Acqua Di Parma," says Buzz co-founder and creative director Leonard Hamersfeld.

Buzz co-founders Barry Gold and Leonard Hamersfeld.
Buzz co-founders Leonard Hamersfeld (left) and Barry Gold (right).


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