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From 0-100 km/h in five seconds and all from the luxurious leather cockpit of BMW’s stealth Z4 Roadster. There’s zero doubt that the 2009 Roadster has the power to excite. Handling the 225 kW being pumped through the twin turbo-charged straight six-cylinder engine is not the real challenge. Finding somewhere to drive it without being arrested is.

It's quick. That’s the first sensation that zips at you when commanding the wheel of the prowling Z4 Roadster.

A sports car in every sense, BMW has combined digital technology with engineering finesse to create a modern, head-spinning car with power to boot. The elegant, eye-catching body design is instantly recognisable as the BMW sports car.

The Z4 has always been one of the most dynamic open top two-seater sports cars in the premium class and the 2009 model delivers a mix of front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout close to 50/50 weight distribution, pin-sharp steering and buckets of grip.

And if your concerned as to how much rubber is on the tyres, simply ask the voice activation device and ‘she’ will kindly show you all four with details of psi and tread on the dash-mounted monitor.

Another noticeable ergonomic in the car is that it seats occupants lower and further back. As you peer out over the long bonnet, there’s a sense of old school sports car security.

Then, you hit the magic button and the retractable hardtop folds back in around 20 seconds.

When this car was tested on the race track at the performance driving centre at Norwell just west of the Gold Coast, it out-performed the Mercedes SLK 350, Audi TT, Alfa Romeo and the Porsche Boxster S.

Managing director of BMW Group Australia Guenther Seemann, says it’s a driver’s car, for those that indulge in the business of driving.

“The BMW Z4 Roadster exists to deliver an exhilarating driving experience for the enthusiast,” he says.

“The BMW Z4 Roadster is a both a practical all-year round driver’s car and the means by which motoring adventures can be enjoyed to the full. If you’re looking for an excuse for a long-weekend away, the BMW Z4 Roadster delivers the means.”

Dynamic drive control is fitted as standard which allows you to select drive train characteristics in normal, sport or sport + for more responsive throttle mapping, engine, steering and gearshift settings.

The boot accommodates 310 litres of luggage (roof up), or precisely two golf bags.

Standard equipment includes Kansas leather upholstery, tinted windows, cruise control with brake function, park distance control front and rear, electromechanical parking brake that is activated with one finger and electronic differential lock.

Don’t forget cruise control, Bi-Xenon headlights, heated seats, engine stop/start button, Bluetooth hands-free technology, AUX-in connection and the handy USB interface.

The range starts with the BMW Z4 sDrive23i, priced from $86,200, includes the BMW Z4 sDrive30i priced from $98,100, and is topped off by the BMW Z4 sDrive35i priced from $116,900. Take the option of a seven-speed sports automatic transmission with double clutch steptronic in the DCT and you will pay close to $130,000.

The BMW Z4 is built at the Regensburg factory, Germany.

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