Star Gold Coast proposes open air concert venue

Star Gold Coast proposes open air concert venue

Star Entertainment Group (ASX: SGR) is looking to revamp the potential of its Gold Coast casino with a new concert venue that would attract high-profile performers.

The group's CEO Matt Bekier says the proposed entertainment offering would help the Gold Coast compete with Australia's major capital cities to host major acts from around the country and the globe.

Sound boarding with people connected to the music industry has yielded positive feedback so far.

"An outdoor venue that can stage concerts of small and large scale would drive great cut-through and further enhance the Gold Coast as a music destination," says Bekier.

"Our plans include curating a calendar of events, from full-scale concerts by world-class bands and performers to family-friendly picnic events like Carols at Christmas, to smaller more intimate offerings like string quartets.

"A major part of this plan is to activate and further bring to life Gold Coast Bulletin Centenary Park, just across the canal from The Star Gold Coast. The way we intend to position the stage on our property will enable people in the park to be close to the action, have a great view and be part of the overall atmosphere."

Artist's impression of the proposed venue.

Bekier says Star wants the venue to be an "asset" to the local community to embrace as part of the city's fabric.

"What a wonderful example of the Gold Coast lifestyle to be able to listen to concerts across the water, whether it's rock, jazz, classical, or an event that appeals to all ages," he says, adding the city is becoming home to an increasing number of major events.

"It shows how the city is maturing and evolving, and why it has the potential to be a long-term contributor to the Queensland economy through the tourism and hospitality sectors.

"The Star has been delighted in the past 12 months to partner with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions, and to host the TV WEEK Logies at our Broadbeach property."

He highlights Star Gold Coast has also supported the Blues on Broadbeach festival and hosted the Country Music Awards, and it would be exciting to further elevate the coastal metropolis as part of the Australian music landscape.

"The Star Gold Coast theatre is an established venue and has regular performances by leading musical acts," he says.

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre is also a venue we believe could be further enhanced and promoted. But this outdoor venue could provide a real point of difference for the coast."

Bekier clarifies the outdoor concert venue proposal is still taking shape and The Star Entertainment Group will need to secure all necessary approvals.

However, he claims community considerations are already "front and centre" in the planning process and have shaped the thinking on how the selected site should be established and positioned.

"We plan to develop an area that is currently vacant canal-front land which could accommodate a stage, portable food and beverage outlets and a crowd of 1000-1500 people," Mr Bekier says.

"The positioning of the stage will also be beneficial on two counts. First, the elevated stage will be in full view of Gold Coast Bulletin Centenary Park. The park could be activated for larger concerts and free family-friendly events, increasing the audience considerably and creating that unique waterside experience.

"Secondly, the stage will be positioned so the music is directed towards the park and the highway."

The Star Entertainment Group invested $1 million last year in Gold Coast Bulletin Centenary Park to transform a previously under-used and vacant patch of land in time for the Commonwealth Games.

Unveiling of the plans comes just two months after the Queensland Government's approval of a mega masterplan for The Star Gold Coast was announced.

The masterplan could see The Star Entertainment Group and its partners Chow Tai Fook and Far East Consortium inject more than $2 billion in additional tourism investment at the Gold Coast property.

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