THE FASHION industry headlines our top #11-15 with these movers and shakers using social media to boost their businesses and drive sales.

They're complemented by an innovative marketing business, a construction finance broker and a major player in the agricultural plastics market.

Here is our Top 40 Under 40 entrepreneurs from #11-15.

11. Daniella Dionyssiou & Natalia Suesskow

Verge Girl

FASHION students one day, social media influencers the next, the founders of Brisbane's Verge Girl have come a long way since opening their first boutique in 2007.

Since taking their bricks and mortar store online, the fashion entrepreneurs have grown their business to include a manufacturing arm and have a combined Instagram following of over 270,000 people.

The fashionistas say they have found success in setting the standard for on-point affordable fashion while providing a style destination.

"We see ourselves as a style destination, not a brand destination with over 100 new items going online etc week," says Dionyssiou. "We don't just retail clothing, we sell a style and give girls fashion inspiration."

Verge girl saw a growth in revenue of 96 percent last financial year which they say comes down to continually evaluating their goals and streamlining their merchandising to stay ahead of the pack.

Parallel to this, Dionyssiou says social media also plays an equally important role in their growth.

"It is our number one tool for maintaining a relationship and communication with our customers." she said.

12. Yiota & Thessy Kouzoukas

Sabo Skirt

Yiota and sister-in-law Thessy started an international women's fashion label and online store selling affordable, exclusive clothing that ranges from casual wear, to formal wear, to swimwear.

Their clothing is designed exclusively in house and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world, which means customers stand out that much more when they're wearing a Sabo skirt piece.

The duo spotted an opportunity and gap in the international market to sell the Australian labels that they were wearing on our blog to international followers/customers.

"We saved and planned for a year before eventually launching our online store," says Yiota.

"Our Instagram profile has grown to 1.7 million followers in under six years and we are amongst the top 10 most engaged fashion brands on the Instagram platform.

Sabo skirt sales have increased by over 700 per cent since they started in 2011.

"We were first movers on Instagram, using the platform as a marketing tool for our online store before the platform had taken off."

13. Sam Hardy & Hamish Ellingham

Peak Marketing

A UNIQUE background, dynamic youth, and plain enthusiasm were used as building blocks to renovate a tired business model into a thriving international marketing agency.

With their 'one throat to choke' system, Hardy and Ellingham offer a single point of contact for a range of services.

"Our business designs, sources, manufactures, warehouses and distributes marketing products which include uniforms, in-store displays, outdoor visibility solutions and even the humble pen," says Hardy.

Growing by almost 17 percent last financial year, the pair is hoping to capitalise into the future through their China offering.

"We have seen the world become smaller and smaller and we are going to be pursuing more of these global accounts," says Hardy.

In addition to strengthening international relationships, Peak Marketing are fine-tuning their turn-around times for shipping and hope to become the quickest in the industry.

14. Daniel Holden


WHAT started in a spare bedroom in Queen Street Brisbane in 2011 has grown into a company settling more than $400 million in debt and equity in the ball park of around 90 transactions a year.

Since operating under the banner of his name, Holden has transformed his business into one of the most prominent construction finance brokers in the country and has been awarded the Number One Commercial Broker in Australia for the past three years.

Holden and his team collectively have 200 years' experience in project finance and have witnessed more than $20 billion in development projects.

"Our network of private capital investors both domestically and throughout Asia gives us the ability to structure project finance to suit most projects and satisfy the risk and reward of both parties," says Holden.

"We have a team of 14 people across offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Hong Kong with a full-time office being established in Melbourne this year.

"In addition to expanding into Melbourne, we will continue to innovate new debt and equity structures and sources of capital to keep the real estate market growing."

15. Robert Trenchard

Hydrox Technologies

RESILIENCE is one of the most powerful tools in business and young entrepreneur Robert Trenchard is living proof of this.

Trenchard, the 35-year-old founder of Hydrox Technologies, bounced back from two major business killers beyond his control to become the major player in the Australian agricultural plastics market.

His story began with a family business in the plastics trade where he modified old equipment bought at auctions to be the first in the world to make oxo-biodegradable dry-cleaning film.

Firstly Chinese imports killed that business off and then the Brisbane floods in 2011 inundated his office and warehouse which filled up with three meters of water and all of his machinery was destroyed.

The business was placed into administration in 2012 and closed two years later despite plans to salvage through a newly formed partnership.

Four months later, Trenchard made his biggest comeback yet, using his credit cards to start-up Hyrdrox Technologies.

"In March of 2015, I launched Solar Shrink, the new and unique mulch film product which I have developed and now patented," he says. "Mulch films can increase crop yields by more than 200 percent. It prevents weeds, reduces water consumption and extends farmers growing seasons."

The comeback was his best yet, and by June 2016 Hydrox Technologies had captured 40 percent of the market share, and the plant is operating 24 hours a day, five days a week.

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