Verus Global founder Jackson Meyer launches real-time data tool Fickle

Verus Global founder Jackson Meyer launches real-time data tool Fickle

Verus Global founder Jackson Meyer has a new venture with data solutions product Fickle.

The young entrepreneur behind rapidly-growing freight forwarding business Verus Global has branched out with a new venture that tackles one of the freight and logistics industry's biggest pain points - a lack of transparency.

After an asset-light business model and a disruptive approach to the industry helped Verus record 700 per cent revenue growth in FY20, earlier this year Jackson Meyer set about filling in the "missing link" to give clients more data visibility.

"The freight forwarding industry is typically rife with old school mentality, and has avoided adopting technology, mostly because they cannot understand, or visualise the return on investment," says the 25-year-old former winner of the Australian Young Entrepreneur Award in the Startup category.

"Customer expectations are shifting however, and customers require an easier, faster, more scalable way to access real-time information about their cargo - which is near impossible when companies both large and small are relying on MS Excel, or paper and file folders to share and maintain their business data."

The tool was originally set up within the Verus framework, until it became clear its application could be useful in other industries such as pharmaceuticals, bricks-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, infrastructure and financial services.

The result was the now patent-pending Fickle Technologies, which turns data into tangible, useful information, with an aim to ultimately propel companies in an efficient and effective direction.

"Fickle provides a transparent and client customised solution in real time, enabling fast and strategic decision making, as well as identifying areas of deficiency, such as price fluctuations (international and local), which play a critical role in any business," Meyer explains.

"With a volatile global trade market, our customers now rely on Fickle."

He says companies are not only utilising Fickle for their own internal benefits but more so to have their customers enjoy a refined user experience viewing their data.

"Even if a company has an internal data analysis software platform already, they should still consider implementing Fickle to provide data to their external customers. It's a win-win situation for both the company, and its clients," he says.

"From start to finish, I had clients be part of the journey to develop Fickle. I sought input from operationally diverse clients to get their ideal solution, not my ideal solution.

"At Verus Global, it was instilled in me that clients are your company, and make your company and that very much rings true with Fickle. It was essential to have their input when building the platform."

Fickle's live portal has all the tools clients require from industry news, live currency markets to CBM calculators. This allows clients access to a centralised dashboard to calculate exactly how much fits in a container and total chargeable weights.

"Fickle is my solution to help companies manage and evolve their operations and I look forward to sharing this with my peers - and beyond," Meyer says.

"As a company, I think it's important to evaluate and ask - are you bringing in new resources like Fickle, that can help you become more efficient and provide a better customer experience."

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