Burleigh businesses impacted by Australia Post

PLANS by Australia Post to relocate its established Burleigh Heads post office will spell economic disaster for James Street retailers, according to the president of the Central Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Nic Rone says plans to move the service from its current location in the Burleigh CBD to a nearby showroom, which is difficult for customers to access, will have a significant negative impact on local traders.

Rone supports Division 12 councillor Greg Betts’ fight to keep the Burleigh Heads post office at its current location.

“The first question that needs to be asked is, what is the benefit of relocating a post office from a thriving precinct on James Street to a showroom precinct which is so close to an already existing post office at Burleigh West Shopping Centre?” says Rone.

“It’s bureaucracy gone mad. The proposed location on Lower West Burleigh Road between James Street and West Burleigh Shopping Centre has limited pedestrian traffic – essentially it’s a no man’s land.

“It would be like placing a Zarraffa’s franchise only hundreds of metres away from an already existing one.”

The Burleigh Heads post office is essential to the daily operations of businesses in the Burleigh Heads precinct.

Australia Post Queensland has confirmed the relocation following a proposed redevelopment by property owner Telstra.

State communications manager Australia Post Queensland Simone Kurtz, says the service will stay in the Burleigh area and that a search of James Street to secure a suitable space has been undertaken.

“We are committed to staying around the Burleigh area and are not closing down the service,” says Kurtz.

“We have been undertaking an extensive search of the immediate Burleigh Heads area to find a suitable alternative location for the post office after notification the building that currently houses the post office will be re-developed.

“After consideration of the new space on offer within the redeveloped site, we have determined that this new space is not suited to our future needs.

“We have also, in the past few weeks, undertaken a thorough search of the James Street precinct to find an alternative location within the immediate area, but have not been able to locate anything suitable to accommodate our space requirements and other commercial needs such as those mentioned above.”

Nick Rone says the post office is a vital artery in the heart of Burleigh business.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked that Australia Post would even consider relocating the Burleigh Heads Post Office from its current location on James Street, it defies their very own charter which is to provide a ‘service’ for local communities,” says Rone.

“A post office is an essential piece of community infrastructure. By relocating it, Australia Post will remove one of the vital organs a community needs to function. The timing is also very poor considering local traders are already suffering from the current global financial crisis.”

Rone notes that around 1500 post office box holders access their mail, mostly on a daily basis from the post office.

Australia Post is finalising arrangements with a local business in James Street to act as a post point to provide a standard range of postal products to the local community.

“Once we have secured our location, we plan to communicate these changes extensively with our customers, residents and businesses in the area in a timely manner,” says Kurtz.

“We also understand the concerns of local businesses within the precinct and will make an undertaking to speak with and address any of their concerns and questions over the coming week.”

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