RAPID technological changes mean no global multimedia industry can truly have an absolute edge over rivals, but one Arundel-based urban design and 3D company is angling for one.

V2i managing director Luke Brannelly (pictured with wife Sonya) says internet and fibre-optic technology has made the world a much smaller and more competitive market.

“There is enormous growth out of China and other Asian countries. You need to be innovative, provide value-added service – you’ve got to be able to keep up,” he says.

Since it was started in 2001, V2i has provided project visioning, master planning, urban design, 3D visualisation and digital storytelling services for developments including the Oracle in Broadbeach, Coomera Waters, Cova on Hope Island and Springfield Land Corporation.

It has also prepared underground mining safety inductions for Xstrata, but like any technology business it has endured hurdles.

“It’s been tough; prior to the GFC we had annual turnover of $4 million but now it’s more like $1.5-$2 million for FY2011-12 – and projected to double in consecutive years,” says Brannelly.

“We downscaled from 30 staff to six in 2008, but now we are back up to 16 and looking to increase staff numbers to about 20 during the next 12-18 months.”

Overseas clients have generated about half the revenue partly from its awardwinning 3DMe division.

“In urban design we have had a lot of clients from master-planned communities and lifestyle resorts in China, UAE, South Africa and a 20,000ha new city in Indonesia,” says Brannelly.

“I encourage competition because it helps us move forward. We share our knowledge on YouTube to encourage other companies to follow our example. We received 35,000 hits, most of which were from overseas.”

V2i has established a commercialisation agreement with Griffith University’s Griffith Enterprise to distribute 3D educational applications to support science learning and share revenue.

“Oxidative Phosphoration tells the fascinating process of how the human body generates energy from oxygen,” says Brannelly.

“Ventilation Profusion details how efficient gas exchange needs a close match of ventilation and perfusion in the lungs. We take a look inside the human body to follow the path of air breathed in.

“We have (also) developed a digital presentation for the University of Queensland on the journey of disease to promote student interest in pathology.”

Brannelly says the next step is to create 3D content that no longer require special glasses to be worn.

“They are developing TVs that don’t require glasses to see full 3D. You (feel like you) move into the depth of the screen,” he says.

“As technology evolves there will be holograms and people will put on gloves/goggles and it will be in a virtual environment.”

To this end, V2i has invested in a major system upgrade giving more than 100 terabytes in online capacity.

“The more real we can make our presentation, the more we can explain about how to design and implement,” says Brannelly.

“When people see our presentations, they will have a clear and concise understanding so they can make well-informed decisions.”

V2i has been recognised by the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards in the Information Technology and Multimedia category for August 2011. 3Dme received the Mayor’s Corporate Responsibility Award in 2010.

V2i has also been awarded a substantial commercialisation grant from the Federal Government.

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