Game on Facebook: How to bypass the social media giant

Game on Facebook: How to bypass the social media giant

In the world of PR and media, it's important to act quickly and tackle any threats or challenges that arise head on. This is something we were able to do last year when the coronavirus pandemic first hit - coming out swinging with confidence, tactics and a glass half full approach.

This was no different with Facebook's recent announcement. For us, turning issues into opportunities is something we do best.

While many were initially worried about yesterday's announcement, the disruption in this space is a great opportunity for people to make sure they're maximising their message across all channels.

Some businesses had become too reliant upon sharing their message on Facebook, blindly hoping that this would reach the people they wanted it to. With this recent announcement it's going to force businesses to pivot and re-think their operations.

With our hunger for being ahead of the game when it comes to best communications tactics and an equally hungry passion for supporting businesses at large, we felt compelled to create a resource to tackle Facebook head on! 

Let's face it, it isn't the end of the world, and we've been to this rodeo before. Every catastrophe has a silver lining, and we see this as a great opportunity to help businesses grow.

So in response to the recent announcement Facebook banned Australian news providers from sharing content on their platform, we've put together a resource that'll help you bypass Facebook.

Consumers who have become solely reliant on Facebook will be forced to go elsewhere for the latest news - accessing content directly from the source or through third-party news providers including Google and Apple news feeds.

For brands and businesses wanting to get their content seen, there's a myriad of other platforms you can use - so, to Facebook, we'd like to say thanks for pointing audiences to more reputable sources.

Yellowpanda has taken the liberty of creating a checklist with key tips to help keep your visibility up - something we're calling our "F#^% Facebook Checklist".

To learn how you can re-purpose your content, in order to gain maximum exposure, see the checklist below:

As a small, boutique agency we have the freedom to be adaptive in our approach, we can be a little cheeky and edgy, and, as we saw with this campaign, that really resonates with people.

The content has been so well received, and has had one of the best open rates of all the campaigns we've created - in less that 24 hours this campaign has received an open rate of over 80 per cent. 

We've also had a few of our friends in journalism reach out to thank us for creating this content, and had it re-shared by media personalities, like Bianca Dye, who loved the approach.

Ultimately, that's what we're all about. Finding opportunities through challenges and looking at things with a glass half full approach - something we help our clients do each day.

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