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TELCO Nitel group has blitzed the Trades, Professions and Service category. Marketing and communications manager David Peters, explains the ins and outs of the company which specialises in telecommunication and IT services that allow businesses to run around the clock without staff being present.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in the business?
By far the biggest challenge was staff. Any business, particularly ours, cannot succeed without the direct involvement of their staff.

For our direct customers, their guests are also our clients and as a general rule they only have one opportunity to be exposed to our services. This is why we cannot afford to miss once. Any bad experience that a holiday guest experiences adversely reflects on the service offered by our customer’s site – whether we are responsible or not.

Our staff are coached and encouraged to always respond in a courteous and helpful manner and it is satisfying to me personally when we can help beyond what most people would normally expect. We reinforce with our staff that even though we technically employ them it is actually the caller on the other end of the phone who actually pays them. While they remain focused on that, the business will always be in good hands.

What has been the biggest achievement to date?
There have been a number of high points but the achievement that still gives me more satisfaction than any financial reward or public recognition is the simple thank you. When we switch our clients over to the Nitel service a lot of these resort managers who have been working 24/7 actually get their lives back and particularly in today’s climate where ‘having your cake and eating it too’ is one luxury a lot people cannot easily manage.

What differentiates you from your competitors?
There are a number of companies that offer an after-hours service for differing industries but they will struggle to achieve what Nitel can do for the simple fact that they do not have the internal infrastructure that we have.

The majority of the hardware and software solutions that we utilise are developed by our in-house team of IT and telecommunications specialists. These hardware and software products are not made available to anyone else outside of Nitel.

We will tailor our service to satisfy individual requests that our clients ask of us. Nitel is a phone service with a difference. We operate your company while you are not there and we can do all this over the phone or through our remote IT solutions.

Is it difficult to gain clients when there is an ‘off-shore’ option for call services?
No not at all, we find we are the ones who have the advantage because when you compare the service levels and customer satisfaction levels, the off-shore companies just make us the more attractive option.

How has the hospitality industry received the service?
It has been extremely well received; the reason being we have developed it so that you’re actually disadvantaged to be without it.

For our clients we save them having to pay staff at night time, saving some establishments thousands of dollars a month in just staff costs.

What’s on the radar?
Because of the careful planning that has taken place through Nitel’s development, we are looking forward to a number of different and very exciting options and are ready to go with all of them. For example, Nitel will create an international client network to benefit the Australian tourist industry as a whole through incentives and reward schemes to an international arena.

We are also going to be moving into more of a corporate client base as there are huge savings to be made through company staff costs. One of the community projects that Nitel would really like to get underway is an improvement in after hour medical services for people and their pets.

What growth has Nitel achieved over the past year?

Nitel has had a constant growth since conception and this year has seen growth exceeding 30 per cent. In these tough financial times more and more people are thinking, ‘there has to be an easier way’.



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Sub 60 Express Couriers
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COUPLERTEC is a Burleigh-based company focused on eliminating rust. Capacitive Coupling is a rust protection system first introduced to Australia in 1996. Couplertec’s own research and development technicians have refined and improved the technology which now boasts a 10-year warranty and have more than 500,000 systems sold throughout Australia, North America and the Middle East.

SUE Bampton is the director of Grotec, a landscape design, construction and eco garden care company that uses its own ‘EcoSes’ technology. The EcoSes regenerative land management treatments and services transform lifeless, depleted soils into rich, fertile and productive green spaces. This system can significantly reduce the impact of sedimentation in rivers and streams, improve water quality, improve air quality and decrease the impact of the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change.


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BAKER’S Club roots go way back to Germany in 1850 where co-founder Christian Coenen’s family developed skills over six generations. Bakers Club is revolutionising baking by eliminating night baking. With an overnight proving process for better taste and crust, all day long baking a wide variety of healthy and gluten free breads in front of customers.

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THE Tandoori Place began in 1984 when Surjit Dhillon, opened his first restaurant in Southport. From 2001 to 2007 the Tandoori Place won the Restaurant Catering Association’s Queensland award for Best food, Best Service, Best Ambience and Best Overall Presentation. Currently with eight restaurants, The Tandoori Place is the largest chain of Indian Restaurants on the Gold Coast.

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SINCE inception in 2002, founder, Scott Jones, has grown IT Leaders from a simple start up business, to operating in two locations, with 12 staff and 1000 business clients in southeast Queensland and northern NSW. Dedicated to delivering a world-leading standard of IT services and products with a focus on clients receiving a measurable return on investment from their technology expenditure.

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YATALA Environmental Solutions is a skip bin hire company with a focus on resource recovery. All collected waste is transported to the company’s facility at Stapylton where it is sorted with a minimum going to landfill. The company recycles more than 30 product types including glass, steel, plastics, wood and scrap metal with an existing 90 per cent recycling target. YES was awarded the Sustainability Award by EnviroIndustry Gold Coast in 2008.

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