Talking to Trailblazers - Episode 11

Posted by Camilla Jansen on 9 October 2020

For Nexba co-founder Troy Douglas his sugar-free beverage business has been sweet.

Troy is a celebrated young entrepreneur and passionate businessman who, alongside his brother Drew, has experienced a whopping ten years of 100 per cent year on year growth since Nexba launched.

Nexba produce delicious, sugar free drinks like Kombucha, soft drink, and they recently launched a probiotic soda range that was the first to market here in Australia.

Though they're stocked nationally in retailers including Coles, Woolworths, 7-Eleven, Caltex and more, Nexba has been cracking into the UK market of late, partnering with groups like Sainsburys and WHSmith to bring their naturally sugar free range to yet another thirsty population.

On this week's episode of Talking to Trailblazers we find out what life was like for Troy before co-founding Nexba and delve into the ins-and-outs of capital raising strategies.

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