Talking to Trailblazers - Episode 7

Posted by Camilla Jansen on 3 August 2020

At just 24 years of age Jackson Meyer is the founder of emerging freight forwarding business Verus Global.

The company has witnessed sizeable growth in its two years of operation, with Meyer seeking to overhaul what he describes as  "outdated" processes and branding while cutting third-parties out of the picture.

In 2019 Meyer's dream received the backing of Dr Andrew Walker, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the likes of Aspen Medical and Matrix Healthcare. 

In the 12 months since Walker's appointment as chairman he has mentored and guided Meyer through a whirlwind 18 months, setting up offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong and the UK.

This week, Jack talks to Meyer about how Verus Global stands out in the freight forwarding industry, how new technologies are powering how we move products around the world, and how logistics companies can become more environmentally friendly.

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