Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 41-50

Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 41-50

41. Eric Peck (34)

Swoop Aero


Founded by former Air Force pilot Erick Peck and engineer Joshua Tepper in 2017, drone logistics network operator Swoop Aero has now facilitated more than 30,000 operational flights around the globe delivering in excess of 1.5 million items, with a particular focus on getting medical supplies to remote or underserved areas.

In addition to signing the world’s first competitive contract to deliver vaccines via drones, recognised by UNICEF and the Vanuatu Ministry of Health, Swoop Aero recently announced a strategic partnership with Freight In Time to bolster operations in Ethiopia, has assisted the likes of AirAsia in Malaysia and DroneUp in North Carolina to boost their drone logistics programs, and has initiated groundbreaking medical drone logistics flights in the USA alongside UPS and Texas-based Matador.

Motor Culture Australia founders Thomas Fu and Tom Mcpherson

42. Thomas Fu (24) and Tom Mcpherson (25)

Motor Culture Australia


Starting out in 2020 as a online platform with events for car enthusiasts wanting to share their passion in a safe, fun and family-friendly environment, Motor Culture Australia is now the country’s fastest-growing motoring community with more than 350,000 members.

The group holds regular giveaway draws for a variety of vehicles, offers different tiers of premium membership with rewards, and has a high-profile business partner network including Liquimoly, Rhino-Rack, TradeTools, Yokohama and more. 

Showpo founder Jane Lu

43. Jane Lu (37)



Now in business for more than a decade, online fashion store Showpo was ahead of the curve in the world of social media-driven e-commerce, and its founder Jane Lu – now also a Shark Tank shark – has led the company to be a popular Australia-headquartered brand with sales that are “killing it” in its largest market, the US.

Our Cow founders Bianca Tarrant and David McGiveron

44. Bianca Tarrant (31) and David McGiveron (37)

Our Cow


By cutting out the middleman with a direct-to-consumer model serving up the best cuts of grass-fed beef, farmers Bianca Tarrant and David McGiveron have grown Our Cow to source from more than 100 producers, with chicken, lamb, pork and even quail thrown into the mix.

Bridging a connection between consumers and the food they eat, Our Cow has also bolstered its distribution model by acquiring Brisbane Valley Farm Direct and the assets of Sydney-based VOLY.

Novalith Technologies founder Steven Vassiloudis

45. Steven Vassiloudis (32)

Novalith Technologies


With the electrification and decarbonisation economy depending heavily on lithium, a technology being commercialised by Novalith involves a novel extraction of the mineral that sequesters carbon dioxide, making it cheaper and more sustainable to mine the hard-rock form of lithium commonly found in Australia - spudomene.

Since a Series A raise in 2023, the company co-founded by Steven Vassiloudis, Dr Andrew Harris and Christiaan Jordaan has scaled up its operations including a pilot facility in Sydney, while early engineering design has been completed for its first large-scale plant.

“All this marks a significant step towards Novalith’s progression towards becoming a key player in the lithium space to meet the surging demand for electric vehicle batteries,” says Vassiloudis.

46. Paul Billing (39) and Alexandra Rofe (36)

Send Payments

Gold Coast

Co-founded by Paul Billing, Alexandra Rofe and Ian Cragg, Send Payments is a digital foreign exchange (FX) platform that aims to address the main issues customers often have with the sector – bad rates, extra fees, and clunky UX (user experience) design. Specialising in cross-border payment solutions, the fintech helpsremove complexity and risk, enabling large brands to seamlessly integrate top-tier FX solutions.

Since its inception in 2018, the fintech has facilitated the transfer of more than $3 billion through 400 partnerships, serving customers in over 100 countries. 

47. Alborz Fallah (39) and Paul Maric (36)


With more than 50 staff working on a car news and reviews website that has seen accelerated growth since it was founded in 2020, significant funds have been invested into, its technology and people.

Founders Paul Maric, Alborz Fallah and Anthony Crawford know what it takes to succeed in the space, having previously built and sold for $60 million to Nine Entertainment.

Neolink founders Sean Crook and Christopher Makhoul

48. Sean Crook (36) and Christopher Makhoul (35)



Identifying the drawbacks of traditional freight-forwarding operations, Sean Crook and Christopher Makhoul set about creating a highly automated system to reduce friction and improve freight times for importers and exporters.

Late last year, the 100 per cent bootstrapped Neolink launched its EcoTrack offering to track CO2 emissions, and over the course of 2023 the company onboarded 100 new customers.

Archistar co-founder Dr Benjamin Coorey

49. Dr Benjamin Coorey (39)



Founded by Dr Benjamin Coorey alongside his brother Rob Coorey in 2018, Archistar uses AI to assess local planning rules and restrictions on land plots, helping speed up the compliance check process so that the design and build of a project can commence sooner.

The company’s technology is trusted by authorities worldwide including Australian state governments, the City of Vancouver, and the City of Austin. Clients on its roster include CBRE, Mirvac, Stockland, and Hassell.

EVOLT founder Kelly Weideman

50. Kelly Weideman (36)


Gold Coast

With bioelectrical impedance technology that measures the body’s resistance to weak electric flows, thus calculating fat and muscle mass, EVOLT has established itself as a world leader in intelligent body composition analysis with a presence in 43 countries.

Founded by Kelly Weideman and Ed Zouroudis, the company serves a range of enterprise customers from the world’s largest gym chains including GoodLife Fitness through a partnership in Canada and CKO Fitness in the US, to corporate giants like health insurer HCF.

Its offering is not only informative, but is supplemented by a recently updated app that gives users tailored tools towards achieving their health goals, recipe ideas, educational articles and inspirational stories.

Perhaps most illustrative of its growth is the 72 per cent annual increase in scans in FY23 to 1.46 million, while 619,000 new users joined the platform in 12 months.


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