Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 51-60

Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 51-60

51. Ben Lipschitz (39)



Now used by more than 2,000 hospitality venues multiple times a week for all their wholesale ordering needs, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) led marketplace FoodByUs has bridged what used to be a chaotic and time-consuming gap in a sector that already has enough challenges to deal with.

Co-founded in 2016 by Ben Lipschitz with former Menulog execs Tim Chandler and Gary Munitz, the company took a step up last year with the launch of a seamless trade finance product so that suppliers don’t have to be constantly chasing payments; an offering that now accounts for 10 per cent of all sales on the platform.

Vitable founders Larah Loutati and Ilyas Anane

52. Larah Loutati (35) and Ilyas Anane (29)



In just four years Vitable has risen through the ranks to become a leading player in personalised daily vitamin packs, roughly doubling its revenue year-on-year and expanding its reach across five countries in the region.

The process starts with an online quiz about a customer’s health goals, diet and lifestyle, and Vitable’s algorithm provides them with a vitamin and supplement recommendation, overlaid by a mobile app for tracking routines and health progress – a function that has led users to report a 25 per cent uplift in energy after four weeks, as well as much improved sleep.

HEO Robotics founders Will Crowe and Hiranya Jayakody

53. Will Crowe (38) and Hiranya Jayakody (37)

HEO Robotics


HEO Robotics, a startup with software so mathematically precise it can take photos of satellites whipping around space at extreme speed, launched its first piece of hardware into space in July with the Holmes Imager becoming the world’s first commercial camera dedicated to non-Earth imaging.

In 2023 the company doubled in size, established a US office next to Washington DC, and successfully raised a $12 million Series A funding round.

“Building upon the momentum of this past year, we are determined to solidify and expand our presence in both the United States and Asia,” says co-founder Hiranya Jayakody.

“We are incorporating automated processes, making software changes to better interact with our suppliers’ satellites, and onboarding new satellites into our network to be near objects of interest, all to get the most out of image quality and turnaround time,” adds co-founder Will Crowe.

Mad Paws founder Alexis Soulopoulos

54. Alexis Soulopoulos (33)

Mad Paws (ASX: MPA)


Following a record quarter at the end of 2023 with the number of approved pet sitters on its platform doubling, Seven West Media tipped $5.25 million into the pet services group in February.

Founded in 2014 by Justus Hammer, Jan Pacas and Alexis Soulopoulos, Mad Paws generates most of its income from its e-commerce business but the marketplace for connecting sitters with pet owners has seen the strongest growth of late.

STRONG Pilates founder Michael Ramsey

55. Michael Ramsey (35)

STRONG Pilates


Underpinned by its innovative Rowformer and Bikeformer machines that combine a low-impact Pilates with high-intensity cardio, the STRONG Pilates fitness model now has almost 60 studios globally, most of them in Australia.

Founded by Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong in 2019 after they cashed in on F45 franchises, STRONG has struck deals for ambitious roll-outs in Japan, Singapore, Canada and the UK.

Motorcycle Trading founder James Mutton

56. James Mutton (31)

Motorcycle Trading


As a former professional motorcycle racer, James Mutton has turned his lifelong passion into a bustling business with seven motorcycle dealerships in Queensland and New South Wales. 

The company was in expansion mode amidst a boom in demand for motorbikes during the pandemic, spreading its footprint in Southeast Queensland before revving up interstate in 2022 with the acquisition of Sydney City Motorcycles, making it one of the country’s largest privately owned operators in the industry.

Ultra Violette founder Ava Chandler-Matthews

57. Ava Chandler-Matthews (37)

Ultra Violette


Since 2019 this SPF-based beauty and skincare company founded by Ava Chandler-Matthews and Rebecca Jefferd, known for its SKINSCREENS range, has been doubling its revenue year-on-year and is now stocked in 250 stores across 28 countries, with an imminent expansion into North America where Sephora Canada will be its first retail partner.

58. Nathan Dench (31), Jesse Dymond (37), Alastair Blenkin (32), Tim Rogers (32) and Tom Newby (30), 



After identifying a “huge gap” in commercial construction for AI-powered contract management software, in April 2020 a group of Brisbane friends and entrepreneurs established ProcurePro as a pivot from a similar platform focused on commercial landlords that was severely challenged by the economic conditions of the pandemic.

The software for head construction contractors has attracted major clients such as Hansen Yuncken, Hutchinson Builders and Roberts Co, and at the start of 2024 raised $6.15 million as part of plans to accelerate growth in the UK.

Ampersand Projects founders Marcus Kellett and Alex Bottomley

59. Marcus Kellett (40) and Alex Bottomley (38)

Ampersand Projects


Taking the classic vodka and soda while keeping the ampersand symbol ‘&’ as their brand, since 2018 Ampersand Projects founders Marcus Kellett, Alex Bottomley and Shaun Rankins have shaken up the Australian ready-to-drink (RTD) category with fast growth and a diversified range of flavour combos and spirits with 15 million cans sold by the end of 2023.

Bootstrapped until very recently, in late 2023 the business was acquired by Australian Beer Co, a subsidiary of Yellow Tail wine producer Casella Family Brands, with the new owner taking the founders on board as they continue with the group in its next chapter.

Trademark Group founder Sam Jamsheedi

60. Sam Jamsheedi (36)

Trademark Group of Companies


Trademark Group is a go-to platform for Australian businesses to grow and explore opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East, leading trade delegations and networking events, in addition to its Trademark Global business that handles supply chain matters for major construction projects working with major partners including Lendlease, Multiplex and WestConnex.


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