Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 81-90

Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 81-90

81. Mark Abao (38), Archie Mursalin (39) and Carl Sagun (38)

ACM Recruitment


Initiated by three high school friends from Western Sydney, ACM Recruitment emerged as a specialised healthcare recruitment agency with operations spanning Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company successfully managed over 150,000 surge workforce hours, effectively placing frontline workers in critical roles across the country.

82. Steve Fordham (32)

Blackrock Industries

Hunter Valley

After a rollercoaster youth including being diagnosed with a terminal health condition, in 2016 Steve Fordham heard about a new mine opening and decided to take the plunge to form Blackrock Industries, a services company that now provides staffing and equipment to civil and mining projects across the Hunter Valley.

Fordham has numerous ventures to his name, including Supply Solutions Group and Blackroo Community Indigenous Corporation that helps reduce Indigenous recidivism through training and education.

He was also a 2024 NSW Local Hero nominee in the Australian Of the Year Awards.

83.  Jason Smit (33), Matthew Nikolai (38) and Joel Prokic (35)

G1 Asset Management, Tech to Country

Gold Coast

Specialising in e-waste management and data destruction, G1 Asset Management provides secure IT asset disposal services across to corporate and government clients across Australia.

When big organisations dispose of 100-plus assets, the software is wiped clean and donated to rural communities through G1 Asset’s charitable initiative, Tech to Country.

Vision Made Co founder Myrrah Balasabas and Joshua Spurway

84. Myrrah Balasabas (33) and Joshua Spurway (34) 

Vision Made Co


Established in 2021, Vision Made Co is a white label manufacturer of sports and health supplements for a wide range of companies Australia-wide.

The fast-growing team has helped clientele land deals with major chains including Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Costco.

Fundo Loans founder Bishara Hatoum

85. Bishara Hatoum (29)

Fundo Loans


Founded in 2018, Fundo Loans offers Australians short-term, small loans of up to $5,000 without the headache of legal jargon and red tape.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the fully digitised process ensures most customers will see the money land in their account the same day they apply for financial assistance.

Solar Naturally founder Heuson Bak

86. Heuson Bak (37)

Solar Naturally


With a no-subcontractor policy and its own in-house CEC-certified electricians, Solar Naturally has built a firm reputation as a leading solar expert for both residential and commercial projects, servicing more than 55,000 customers to date, including five government-owned Metronet train station sites in Perth.

With offices in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney, Solar Naturally has seen exponential growth in sales for its battery business, leading to a hiring and training blitz to lift capacity for future demand.

Bailey Abbott founder Thomas Carlton

87. Thomas Carlton (40)

Bailey Abbott


After co-founding women’s fashion label Kinney with his wife Jana Carlton in 2017, which is now thriving and stocked across 120 stores in Australia and New Zealand, Thomas Carlton set up Bailey Abbott in 2021 as a transformation consultancy designed to help companies that were struggling with technology to evolve in a rapidly-changing market, taking on the Big Four and amassing a large client base served by its staff of more than 80 people.

In 2022 the group set up an incubator which spawned cyber security and resilience company Cyber Technology Services.

88. Emma Spiliopoulos (29), Lauren Rugolo (28) and Jessica Arthur (28)

Lash Therapy Australia


The co-founders of Lash Therapy all came from different industries but what they shared was an experience struggling with ineffective, overpriced and “harsh” chemically enhanced beauty products.

United by the desire to create an offering based on natural ingredients, in 2020 they founded their business which has since grown to distribute in Australia, New Zealand and the USA – the latter propelled by a cult online following on TikTok that now means the majority of sales are on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

CHS Building team

89. Corey Stone (35)

CHS Building


Founded by carpenter Corey Stone, home construction and renovation business CHS Building is active in Southeast Queensland and addresses a market need for efficient and sustainable solutions, offering innovative building materials and technologies that optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and enhance overall building performance.

"I have a deep understanding of the craftsmanship, materials, and techniques required in carpentry, which serves as a valuable asset in managing projects and ensuring high-quality workmanship," says Stone.

Dreamcourts founder Luke Tadich

90. Luke Tadich (38)



With the stress of being an ambulance paramedic taking its toll on Luke Tadich’s health, he dreamt up a way to turn his love of basketball into an alternative career as an entrepreneur.

Taking inspiration from trends in the US, in 2017 he set up Dreamcourts which has built thousands of square metres of sports courts across Australia and New Zealand.


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