PharmaCann Global leading the way again

PharmaCann Global leading the way again

By PharmaCann
4 October 2023
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Australian privately-held medicinal cannabis company PharmaCann Global Pty Ltd is once again leading the way, now offering the Australian community the most affordable products in the industry.

PharmaCann is offering products for as low as $25 (RRP) to patients, along with its compassionate program open to all Australians, regardless of any concession card status.

Additionally, PharmaCann’s approach to the demand for dried flower throughout the community has pushed the company to reduce its pricing, to ensure that all patients have access to affordable medicines during these tougher economic times.

This approach is yet another innovation that PharmaCann has successfully introduced to the industry and is something that has been long overdue for the patient community.

“In the past, PharmaCann has found it hard to soar like an eagle due to the state of the industry, but since culling the turkeys around us, we have been able to fly high,” says Victor Caprio, CEO of PharmaCann Global.

“The industry has been a rollercoaster ride for a long time, but now we will no doubt see some stability for patients.

“PharmaCann’s new price reductions come at a time when costs of living have drastically increased, leading to a higher demand for more affordable medicines.

“We will continue to give back to our communities. That is my promise to all patients across Australia.”

Nicholas Quinn, COO of PharmaCann Global, adds: “This is another game changer for patients, and as the need for compassionate access to medicinal cannabis medicines increases, we found it to be our responsibility to meet the Australian community’s expectations.

“Our primary focus is working with our partners to continue streamlining access to quality and affordable medical cannabis medicines for patients across the country.”

PharmaCann is also continuing its clinical research program with a leading Australian university for research into the safety and efficacy of numerous alternative therapeutic types.

The overall program consists of three primary trials across the company’s product range, targeting multiple patient conditions.

This research will allow for four products to be sold throughout the community, allowing for multiple cannabidiol (CBD) products to be entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as Schedule 3 Over The Counter medicines.

PharmaCann has further increased its distribution capacity through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the medicinal cannabis industry. These strategic partnerships further increase the company’s reach across Australia and solidifies its partners’ position within the community as one of PharmaCann’s Ethical Provider Network partners.

In appreciation of the broader Patient Community, PharmaCann has taken additional steps to further reduce some of its product lines, and keep prices low, as a big thank you for their ongoing support of the group over the years.

“PharmaCann is moving ahead with some innovative products at the best pricing in Australia; we are doing better than ever, gaining more of the Australian market share, and above all, we are giving back and that’s why I started this company,” says Caprio.

“We as a team are so proud of the positive changes that we have been able to make for the Australian patients. With multiple new product offerings, and with so many more yet to be released, I cannot wait for the next announcements to come.”

To learn more about PharmaCann, please visit or contact +61 7 3063 0420 for more information.

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