Inside Tammy Hembrow's Neon Collection

Inside Tammy Hembrow's Neon Collection

On Friday evening Tammy Hembrow launched her latest collection, and it's the most eye-popping one to date.

The launch was held at The Pink Hotel in Coolangatta with the Neon Collection fitting right at home amongst the pastel pink walls, neon lights, and 'gram-worthy décor.

Tammy Hembrow's Saski Collection took over the whole building for the landmark event, including the iconic rooftop and all 18 boutique hotel rooms.

The launch plan was crafted with social media in mind, and who better to capitalise upon that than Tammy who is sitting on 9.2 million followers on Instagram.

Saski Collection has received local and international acclaim, having recently been shown at New York Fashion Week. Hembrow was also named the Australian Influencer of the Year at the 2018 Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Business News Australia spoke with Tammy about the upcoming collection, her incredibly successful Saski Collection brand, and the art of online retail.

Tell us about the new collection - what inspired you this time around and what is most exciting about it for you?

Neons are a huge trend at the moment and I really love the colours, so it only made sense to incorporate them into my own brand. The most exciting thing with every collection is getting to see girls wearing the pieces that I've spent so much time working on.

The collection is debuting at The Pink Hotel - what about that location was perfect for you and the collection?

We originally wanted to use this space for a different project, however as soon as we saw it in person, we knew it would be perfect for the vibe we wanted. What particularly stood out about the venue were the neon poetry lights that feature in every room, the hotel couldn't have been a better fit! Not to mention the location, it's right by the beach so we get to celebrate the launch locally where Saski was established.

Your last few collections sold out very quickly - have you seen the same reception recently and do you expect similar results this time around?

We've been working on expanding our inventory for every collection, so that we can accommodate for Saski's high demand, so we are expecting collections to last a little longer but in saying that for this collection we are still expecting it to sell out. We've already got a lot of interest from the sneak peaks we have shown and expecting the collection to be in high demand, this will also be one of our biggest drops to date!


Celebrating the launch of my new collection @saskicollection at @thepinkhotelcoolangatta

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You've more or less mastered the art of online retail as it stands in 2019...why do you think that is?

For us the customer comes first, the designs are from what I like and want to wear but that's because I represent the Saski Girl. I take on as much feedback as possible when creating new collections to make sure we are constantly improving the brand. However, we understand that the customer experience as a whole is integral for any ecommerce business, so we focus on every touch point from initially coming to our site to receiving the product in their hands.

What do you do differently?

Because we understand our customer so well, we don't feel the need to do what every other brand is doing. We know what works for us and if that's selling out with limited capsule collections, we will continue doing that. We have done a lot of things that some brands consider against the grain, but we are also a unique brand in the fact that we grew so quickly and have customers worldwide.

Last year you showed at NYFW - what have you learnt from that experience?

We learned that we want to keep pushing ourselves and putting ourselves out there, the exposure we received was phenomenal. We have lots of new ideas for Saski coming and I think NYFW so early in the game allowed us to gain industry connections a lot quicker than most brands do in their first two years of business. It was a lot of work, but it made my team stronger and the experience was like no other.

You've amassed an Instagram following of 9.2 million and Saski Collection nearly 400,000. Do you have any advice you can share with our readers looking at growing their online business through social media?

Be authentic and listen to your customers, also that it's in the details the little touches really make a difference in retention. We get a lot of feedback on our customer service because we really do care. It's amazing how many brands take that for granted.

What's next, after this collection?

I have so many exciting things planned this year for Saski Collection, we already have all our collections planned out till the end of the year, our stock management has greatly improved, we have some ideas to build our presence in stores too, and there also may be a couple of collaborations with some known Australian brands on the horizon.

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