Top business stars to compete for Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019

Top business stars to compete for Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019

We've searched up and down, left and right, and looked everywhere in between for Australia's leading young businesspeople.

After months of nomination processing, interviews, evaluation and collaboration with our judges, Business News Australia is proud to be hosting the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019 alongside co-hosts the City of Gold Coast.

This year has been our biggest yet with hundreds of entrepreneurs nominating their excellent businesses from every corner of the country.

But the cream always rises to the top, and those best Young Entrepreneurs will be on full display tomorrow night at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa.

The Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony is the culmination the city-based Awards, held in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney.

Winners from these events, as well as standout entrepreneurs from Australia's regional hubs, will compete for 19 category Awards, plus the coveted Trailblazer and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards tomorrow night.

The talented Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 will follow in the footsteps of the inaugural winner Tomas Steenackers, founder of listed veterinary business National Veterinary Care (ASX: NVL).

Since winning the award he has helped lift the company's national footprint to more than 100 clinics in addition to ongoing expansion in New Zealand. Certainly some pretty big boots to fill for the next winner.

The economic impact of these Australian Young Entrepreneurs cannot be understated; the Finalists for the National Awards employ almost 9,000 people and contribute more than $1 billion annually to the economy. At the same time they drive innovation, push boundaries in their respective industries and are making a difference both here and abroad.

Of course, an event of this scale is not possible without the dedicated support of our corporate sponsors The City of Gold Coast and iVvy. Both have enabled these Awards to continue to grow on a larger scale every year and are proud supporters of entrepreneurship on the Gold Coast.

Mayor of the City of Gold Coast, Councillor Tom Tate, says he is proud to welcome the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards to the Gold Coast.

"This was the birthplace of the awards in 2008 when it was a local Gold Coast event but the concept is such a winner that it has now become a national celebration," says Mayor Tate.

"To me, this is a perfect example of the have-a-go spirit that I love so much about Gold Coast."

"Make no mistake, I believe entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy and make an incredible contribution to our national quality of life."

"I wish everyone success in these awards and congratulate you on having a go."

Those in attendance are in for a treat too, with local flamenco dancer Ana Castillo to take to the stage at the beginning of the night for a firey performance packed with passion; something our Young Entrepreneur finalists have in droves.

The finalists in the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019 are as follows:


Emilya Colliver, Art Pharmacy Consulting and Culture Scouts

Bridging the gap between local artists and the public, Emily takes the intimidation out of buying art to make the process more accessible for consumers, businesses and the public sector. With a nimble and creative team, Art Pharmacy also produces engaging art and cultural placemaking experiences ranging from strategy to activations, public art to digital.

Joanne Giles, BROWSE Events

Joanne has made a name for herself hosting markets in the NSW Central Coast and Sydney, but that vision has gone national through a launch in Perth in July, while BROWSE's close ties with Lendlease could see the concept brought here to the Gold Coast.

Michael Huxley, Huxley Group

Graduates from Michael Huxley's Huxley School of Makeup are known internationally as some of the industry's finest makeup artists and now as a TAFE accredited teacher, more students than ever will get the chance to learn from the best.


Ben Bradshaw, Disrupt Digital, SponsoredLinX and Get More Traffic

Ben's empire Disrupt Digital encompasses successful brands SponsoredLinX and Get More Traffic. It has become one of Australia's powerhouses when it comes to improving online performance for small and medium businesses.

James Greig, iVvy and Bloomtools

With a decade of business leadership now under his belt, James' online events booking platform iVvy is growing quickly. This business complements his longstanding SaaS enterprise Bloomtools and more recently dabbling in distilling with Wildflower Gin.

Brad Illich, NewBook and Xtreme

Brad's NewBook property management software aims to make the accommodation sector more viable so extra revenue can be re-invested, and he's garnering a strong reputation amongst RV parks in the US.

Blake Garrett, School Bytes

While he was still in Year 12 Blake first started working on School Bytes, a cloud-based system that streamlines all school administration services. After testing the product out at his own school, it didn't take long before others wanted the same edge.

Johann Odou and John Perisco, Vumero

Not only have Johann and John successfully sold four businesses in the space of a year, their sports technology-focused company Vumero is now in eight countries as an all-in-one platform for products, events, education and more. Meanwhile, John is also a partner in VARCIS' recently launched sports tech venture fund for Asia.


Alex and Doug Hainstock, DVNT

Born in the back of a van, DVNT embodies counter-culture and the two brothers in charge are set on dominating more of the US and European markets within the coming year.

Liam Scanlan, Eat Your Water

Eat Your Water is a truly independent surf brand in a corporatised global industry. With a love for the ocean, Liam and his team are slashing the amount of plastic in the supply chain, exploring sustainable fabrics and developing a strong customer reputation in Australia and overseas.

Emily Kate Symes, EKOLUV

Sustainability is at the core of everything EKOLUV stands for. The website is a platform created by Emily Symes to sell and rent vintage and sustainable clothing brands as well as inspire others to become more environmentally conscious about their consumption in the world of fashion.

Jasmin Adams, From Zion

Harnessing plant-based fibres like bamboo spandex, From ZION has built a loyal and growing following for its clothing that caters to women, men and children. A decision this year to enlist a third-party logistics firm has created efficiencies and helped Jasmin's team be more focused on fashion and design.

Louise Elia, Eliya The Label

In 2015 Louise decided to give up her laboratory job in cosmetics to follow her true calling: fashion. She founded her label Eliya The Label in 2016 and has seen the business flourish by offering luxurious, contemporary fashion at an affordable price point.

Ana Gavia, Pinkcolada

As a uni student Ana struggled to find quality swimwear at a decent price, so she founded Pinkcolada. That was last year, and now life's a beach for her line of colourful exclusive designs now sold in Australia and global markets including the United States.

Tammy Hembrow, Saski Collection

Now with 10 million followers on Instagram, Tammy's gospel reaches almost every corner of the globe. As founder of Saski Collection she has leveraged her social media fame into a business to be reckoned with.


Darrin Leung and Ayda Shabanzadeh, Grow Group

Ayda and Darrin have built a fast-moving beast with Grow Group. Offering everything from lending and finance, to property development, real estate, and philanthropy, Grow Group is a diverse and steady monolith ready to tackle the big guns in the finance and property worlds.

Daniel Wessels, Jacaranda Finance and Jacaranda Loans

There are around three million people in Australia who are deemed 'unbankable by legacy financial institutions, but Jacaranda Finance takes on the risk by harnessing advanced algorithms and machine learning.

James Marshall, MWM Advisory

MWM is a service-oriented accounting business that work with companies with potential to grow; those without a budget to hire a full in-house finance team but are willing and able to outsource.

Chris Christofi, Reventon & CHC Planning Solutions

Helping clients build wealth and curate an enviable nest egg is what Chris is all about. His companies, Reventon and CHC Planning Solutions, are both highly awarded financial services providers that help both novice and experienced investors achieve their full potential.


Tim West, 12RND Fitness

12RND is backed by the likes of four-time boxing world champion Danny Green and since 2016 has already grown to a network of more than 70 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Aaron Smith, KX Pilates

Aaron is at the helm of Australia's largest Pilates franchise, growing KX by an incredible 10- 12 locations per year. The workout is fast paced, high intensity and is designed to make people swear all while toning the body in under 50 minutes.

Daniel Kulikowski, The Optimisation Hub

Former AFL player Daniel is tackling the sporting industry's due diligence problem with mental health, and through tech development is rolling out evidence-based life resilience tools for aspiring athletes.

Glenn Hansen, Vector Health & Performance

After a decision to unify the often-separate services of exercise physio and strength & conditioning, Vector Health & Performance has witnessed a massive shift in the past 12 months. Glenn takes great pride in his legacy for the regional community in Rockhampton and is a perfectionist about systems and culture.


Michael McGovern, Dan Norris and Eddie Oldfield, Black Hops Brewing

From their brand new purpose-built production facility in Biggera Waters, the boys at Black Hops are continuing to take over Australia's ever-growing craft beer market one tin at a time.

Mathew Stillone, Integrity Food Co, Botanika Blends, Protein Supplies Australia and Stillone Investment Group

Mat's first business Protein Supplies had manufacturers begging for his food secrets. His new business, Integrity Food Co., helps other food brands become powerhouses through product development, R&D and distribution.

Drew Bilbe and Troy Douglas, Nexba

Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe had one mission when they decided to start Nexba: invent great tasting, sugar free beverages able to stand up tall next to their sugar-filled counterparts. It's safe to say that they've more or less achieved this mandate, with partnerships with the likes of Domino's, Coles and Woolworths.

Julie Hirsch, Universal Village International, Universal Village Trading and Universal Village UK

Instead of popping vitamin pills, why not just drink tea that's blended with natural vitamins from fruit and herbal extracts? Julia and co-founder Nicole Lamond have brought a totally new product to market, and as it's fairtrade-certified it benefits both consumers and farmers alike.


Joshua Fegan, Althea Group

Joshua is one of the pioneers of Aussie medical cannabis. Where most other ASX-listed companies are wrapped up in a lengthy process of production and testing, Althea is all about market outreach with a rapid rise in prescriptions and budding businesses in the UK and Canada. 

Dr Tanya Unni, Amtan Medical, Amtan Health, Amtan Health, SkinLab & Beauty, and Australian Skin Lab

With eight medical centres, three skin and laser cosmetics and a patented skin exfoliant device called NuSonic, Tanya is one entrepreneur not content to rest on her laurels.

Layton Mills, CannPal

The medicinal cannabis space is hot right now, but what about for pets? After founding CannPal in 2016, Layton went on to list the company on the ASX in 2017, and has since been playing the long, patient game of getting medicinal formulations tested, verified and approved by authorities in Australia and in the US.

Dr May Chan and Dr Reuben Sim, Dental Boutique

Dr May and Dr Reuben believe their business is about more than just dentistry it's about changing smiles and changing lives. In the past year Dental Boutique has quadrupled its capacity and now turns to innovative techniques, such as 3D technology, to help treat its patients.

Dr Sean Parsons, Ellume

It's futuristic technology that almost has to be seen to be believed; small biosensor chips and 'quantum dots' that assist in detection and diagnosis of many of the world's most common illnesses. Sean is now leading Ellume to an IPO.

Dr Jonathan Hall and Dr Michelle Perugini, Life Whisperer and Presagen

Michelle and Jonathan's Presagen has given birth to scalable medical AI products, including Life Whisperer which increases the chances of success for IVF. In addition to applying the technology to lung radiology and retinal imaging, the company has recently launched a global healthcare data sharing platform.


Justin Hales, Camplify

Just like Airbnb did with properties, Justin has made his mark on the sharing economy with Camplify by putting idle RVs to good use. Apollo Motorhomes bought a 25% stake in 2017, and this year's Spanish market entry has seen the highest take-up in any country to date.

Tim Johnson, Corbett & Claude Comuna Cantina

After divesting two locations and launching a third, Tim doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. The restaurateur is set to open an adjacent Corbett & Claude as well as the Tetto Rooftop Bar to create a whole new dining precinct at Everton Park.

Jess Davis and Tyson Hoffmann, Mr Potato

With a delicious, healthy and quick food option mostly catering to takeaway and online customers, model Jess and former pro basketballer Tyson have created a business that's spud on. Mr Potato now has two outlets in Adelaide, another is set to open here on the Gold Coast and franchising may be in the pipeline.

Craig and Lucy Johnston, TCLH, and My Private Chef

In the past year, Craig and Lucy's TCLH secured its two biggest contracts to date, providing hospitality services for remote working camps in QLD and WA. They give back to the local community by hiring and upskilling Indigenous Australians and running wellbeing programs for remote workers.


Jane Garber-Rosenzweig, Gable Lawyers

Tired of inflexibility and overcharging in traditional firms, Jane founded Gable Lawyers. Unlike its slow-moving legacy competitors, Gable Lawyers charges fixed fees for all matters and is pursuing a completely paperless business model.

Sacha Kirk and Warwick Walsh, Lawcadia

Legal-tech remains one of the fastest growing sectors and Lawcadia, a digital solution for the legal industry, is on the forefront.

Siobhan Mullins, Separate Together

While a divorce doesn't need to be messy or stressful, Siobhan Mullins believes practices need to change if more couples are going to separate amicably.  Her online service helps parting couples form court-recognise joint agreements, and in FY20 she's rolled out new automated tech to help improve results for the longer term.

Tomoyuki Hachigo and Alex Solo, Sprintlaw

The law tends to be a slow-moving beast, but Alex and Tomoyuki's SprintLaw is running circles around the competition. Reinventing the legal offering, SprintLaw aims to do away with inefficiencies that exist in the traditional model and instead provide a service that is just as agile as their small business clients.


Nova Jane Ward, Fitcover Group

A lot of people put Nova down when she floated the idea of fitness-friendly make-up for sensitive skin, but she wasn't deterred. After a long period of product development, Fitcover hit the market in 2017 and Nova hasn't looked back since with the next step to ramp up sales overseas.

Mathew Stillone, Integrity Food Co

Mat's first business Protein Supplies had manufacturers begging for his food secrets. His new business, Integrity Food Co., helps other food brands become powerhouses through product development, R&D and distribution.

Tim Dawson, Lauxes Grates, Lauxes Products and Youngs Trading Australia

As a cabinet maker, Tim decided materials on the market weren't up to scratch. In 2010 he took action to source high-quality products for the Australian construction industry, which in the last 12 months has culminated in Lauxes Grates.

Jeff Yu and Anson Zhang, One Stop Warehouse

Since Anson and Jeff switched from IT employment to renewable energy entrepreneurship in 2013, they've gone on to create Australia's largest solar panel distributor with a nationwide presence. Growth has been exponential from day one, but to keep up the pace the pair also rolled out Green Deal as a one-stop app system for installers to monitor the status of jobs.

Leigh and Nathan Rust, Safetyline Jalousie

Having worked with developers like Meriton, Mirvac and Frasers, as well as more than 150 schools across the country, brothers Leigh and Nathan have built an enviable empire in the world of high-end, hybrid European-designed louvre window systems for the construction sector.

Simon and Yetta Rawadi, Slyletica

They call themselves Australia's most successful fashion agency you've never heard of that's because Simon and Yetta are all about putting others in the limelight. Slyletica helps people create and market their own activewear brands. If you've ever scrolled through Instagram, chances are you've seen their work!

Paley Ho, Unios

Paley Ho's passion for technology-savvy lighting design and manufacturing has seen his company Unios expand rapidly with offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, China, South Korea and Vietnam. The group is also the 2019 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year.


Tamara Alaveras and Sonia Majkic, 3 Phase Marketing

Frustrated with the slow-moving marketing agency where they previously worked, Tamara and Sonia decided to go it alone. 3 Phase Marketing has since become a powerhouse, taking on the likes of Mercedez-Benz, Land Rover and Toyota as clients.

Nic Nichols, 40/40 Creative

Nic thrives on taking creative risks, which has certainly paid off; his approach has won him partnerships with Uber ANZ, Qantas and McDonald's.

Nic Blair, Brus Media and Search Factory

While Search Factory is due to be acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network any day now, Nic's other business, Brus Media, is gathering steam with its own software powering app ad marketing for Android and iOS.

Marquis Pohla, Metrix Consulting

Marquis Pohla may take a data-agnostic approach to market research, but his company Metrix Consulting has been able to use analytics and big data to forge better marketing outcomes for clients. Metrix also recently secured Federal Government funding to build an Australian tourism 'knowledge bank'.


Genevieve Day, Day Management

With years of PR experience under her belt, Genevieve's Day Management has become a crucial interface between influencer talent and brands. Her specialty is taking influencers beyond the Instagram feed and turning them into media personalities.

Zoe Eather, My Smart Community

Zoe's innovative business is shaping cities one step at a time. Consulting for the likes of councils and engineering firms, My Smart Community uses machine learning and other technologies to solve tasks that are traditionally labour-intensive, such as pothole detection or checking up on bus stops and street signs.

Alison Green, Pantera Press

Alison saw an artistic void when it came to literature in Australia, made worse by publishers' reluctance to give new authors a fair go. Her company Pantera Press is out to disrupt that landscape by publishing books that spark imagination, conversation and change all while investing in the next generations of writers and readers.

Naomi Spies, Ruby Communications

Ruby Communications has been sparkling in 2019, with strong growth, key clients like Marina Mirage and Channel Nine, and the launch of brand new digital content platform.


Jurgen Himmelmann, Global Work & Travel

From Australia to North America to Europe, Jurgen's company offers travellers overseas experiences beyond tourism, while employer partners reap rewards thanks to a free staffing solution.

Andrew Barnes, Chris Eigeland, Chris Hood and Vu Tran, GO1

After creating what they describe as Netflix for workplace learning GO1's founders are not content to just chill. They're currently expanding into new offices overseas including Johannesburg and the US Midwest.

Mark Lim, Magnetic Alliance

Mark Lim describes Magnetic Alliance as a co-pilot for business owners, helping their enterprises grow in size and value so they can have more time to enjoy life. In the past five years his vision has helped add $1.17 billion in client revenue across 85 industries in Australia and abroad.

Jackson Meyer, Verus Global

Since 2018, Jackson's mission to disrupt traditional freight forwarding models has made staggering progress with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China and the UK, as well as openings in the pipeline for Vietnam and the Philippines.

Carlos Ferri, Zapala Corp, Zapala Go, Zapala People, Shipeezi, Moveezi, Educafy, Zapala Brazil, Zapala Fleet, Bhold Creative

It was only 10 years ago that Carlos came to Australia as an international student from Brazil, and since then he has gone on to establish a series of businesses under the powerhouse Zapala Corp. He has many ventures, but the bread and butter is providing transport and logistics support to some of Australia's leading companies.


Brett Boulton, BOLD Group of Companies

Brett has developed his residential building company, Bold Living, into a diversified group offering a complementary suite of products, including property development and property investment.

Luke Vaughan, Crown Realty International, Acquire Enterprises, Coastal Equity Partners, and ADV Collab

Luke set out to change the perception of the real estate industry with Crown Realty. Since establishing the company has set up shop in Vietnam and Cambodia where Crown undertakes project marketing for Australian property.

Michael Guli, Intrust Group

With three businesses under the one Intrust Group banner, Michael aims to have a one-stop-shop for professional trade services. He has seen steady growth in the Far North Queensland market with Intrust's electrical and plumbing offerings, and in the new year is set to start a construction arm.

James Meagher, MAX Build

James is all about setting things straight. His property business MAX Build has three main goals: to rectify, remediate and refurbish. Fixing dodgy craftsmanship is James' specialty and one of his biggest projects to date involved replacing 176 sub-par bathrooms in a single slog, all while occupants remained in the residences.


Ammar Issa, AMR Hair & Beauty Supplies

As a young boy Ammar was fascinated by makeup. It was a passion that stayed with him through his life and led him to found AMR Hair & Beauty Supplies. Today Ammar's company sells products to hairdressers and consumers from superstores and warehouses dotted around the globe.

Karl Brown, Instyle Solar

Karl had just $2,500 in his pocket when he made the decision to start his own solar business. Now he runs one of Queensland's largest privately owned companies, Instyle Solar.

Fung Lam and Werner Liu, New Aim

Fung and Werner's New Aim has become one of the biggest consumer goods empires in the country. Trading under, the company was the first online eBay store to reach 1 million hits in feedback. It is also the biggest seller on many other marketplaces like Amazon, Catch and Kogan.

Sean Barry and James Strathdee, One Power

As a one-stop shop for solar panel installations, One Power is rapidly expanding into New South Wales with the opening of a Sydney office to complement existing operations in Newcastle and Wollongong.


John Corry, 50/50 Foundation

John is all about putting integrity back into the gaming industry. The 50/50 Foundation operates raffles and lotteries that raise funds for causes and organisations.

Amelia Gow, Active Opportunities and 6729 Bakery

Amelia's 6729 Bakery and Active Opportunities are all about removing barriers to lasting employment; barriers such as inexperience, language difficulties, disabilities and more.

Christie Kamphuis and Sam Stone, Bettercup

Reusable cups go a long way in the fight against plastic waste, but at large events there's always the question of how they can continue their lifecycle. Bettercup has got that covered from providing the product through to servicing, and to date they have diverted more than one million cups from landfill.

Julian Pace and Peter De Lang, Happiness Co

Julian and Peter's suicide prevention initiatives have taken a step up in 2019 with the launch of the Happines Co Hub, which builds on an offering that has historically involved touring workshops and talks. The social enterprise was chosen as Optus Stadium's Purpose Partner, while Julian was a nominee for the WA Australian of the Year Local Hero Award.


Alex Bottomley and Marcus Kellett, Ampersand Projects

After working in the beverage industry for a number of years, Alex and Marcus teamed up to start their own brand: Ampersand Projects. Their read-to-drink line of vodka & soda and gin & soda is minimalistic in style and refreshing on the palate.

Megan Fechner and Caroline McDonald, Astryx

While working together in Canberra, Megan and Caroline recognised a gap in the niche market of quality procurement and commercial services for government. From aircraft to IT systems, Astryx has got all bases covered.

Ana Gavia, Pinkcolada

As a uni student Ana struggled to find quality swimwear at a decent price, so she founded Pinkcolada. That was last year, and now life's a beach for her line of colourful exclusive designs now sold in Australia and global markets including the United States.

Mick Fielding and Cody Webster, Raider Targetry

After developing advanced defence sector training systems during their time at Deakin University, Mick and Cody set about commercialising their work. They formally launched RAIDER Targetry this year, scored a big contract with the Australian military, and see plenty of scope for new clients.

Karl Brown, Jonah Hicks and Tehbyn Nova, Rokkit Performance Marketing

What was once the marketing team of Instyle Solar is now its own fully-fledged business helmed by a dynamic trio of Karl Brown, Jonah Hicks, and Tehbyn Nova.

Paul Billing and Ian Cragg, SendFX

After receiving an investment from ASX-listed Novatti Group, SenfFX, an interanational payments platform, opened up its offices in April, launched its services in May, and has secured 30 plus partnerships since.

Jackson Meyer, Verus Global

Since 2018, Jackson's mission to disrupt traditional freight forwarding models has made staggering progress with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China and the UK, as well as openings in the pipeline for Vietnam and the Philippines.


Steven Lampsakianos, Alphatex Industries

When his former employer went into administration, Steven thrust himself into the entrepreneurial mould because he had the skills, the contacts and a desire to help out his friends. It was a rocky start to begin with, but the company has proven its worth with a specialty in fit-outs for specialty vehicles and trucks.

Jane Morrell, Carer Solutions Australia

Empowering disabled people by offering them choice and control over who takes care of them, Jane riffles through to bureaucracy and puts all the paperwork in order. The business has been in the right place at the right time with the NDIS, and is on track to expanding its footprint into new states.

Terry Newell, Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services

A boilermaker and welder by trade, Terry caters to the inevitable wear and tear of mining equipment with a full-service company catering to projects large and small. Revenue is growing quickly for MMFS after picking up some major contracts recently.

Jonathan Dwayre, Orbitz Elevators

Orbitz has only been in business for five years by its reach is extraordinary. The company has eight branches in the APAC region and recently secured a partnership with Hitachi, the maker of the world's fastest elevator.

Peter Matthews, Solar Service Guys

After completing the relevant qualifications Peter started Solar Service Guys, a company that has gone on to become one of Australia's largest providers of specialist electrical services and installers.


Michael MacRae and Jamie Shostak, Appetiser

Amidst the plethora of apps available with nothing much to offer, Michael and Jamie have built a company that develops well-designed useful apps to actually help the end user. From Schweppes to Lego, major customers have harnessed Appetiser to achieve their goals.

Bernard Maneglsdorf and Kane Sajdak, BITS Technology Group, BITS Wireless and Cloud Torque

Kane and Bernard have always been on the cutting edge, but their latest achievement is Cloud Torque a tool where businesses can access their entire IT and online ecosystems from a single pane of glass.

Braden Voigt, Lynxz

From a background in cloud computing and management Braden created Lynkz, an AI solutions software company that has grown at a rapid pace.

Salpi Baroudjian and Jacob Markarian, OWEST

After setting up a successful Samsung photocopier dealership in Western Sydney, Salpi and Jacob weren't about to rest on their laurels. In the past year they have acquired a Kyocera dealership, relocated to a bigger office and set up a New Zealand branch.

Christian Pacheco, Virtual IT Group

Christian prides himself on turning around IT departments with strategies to spark upticks in profitability. His company Virtual IT Group has been on a self-funded acquisition path in recent months incorporating three new businesses, and its virtual CIO service is proving a hit with clients.

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