Workspace provider Hub Australia picks 62 purpose-driven companies for Flexi-Impact Program

Workspace provider Hub Australia picks 62 purpose-driven companies for Flexi-Impact Program

MyMuse founder Nikki Shah.

From government-backed battery recycling schemes to ADHD-tailored mental health services, a cohort of 62 budding purpose-driven businesses have been selected to be part of Hub Australia’s Flexi-Impact Program, which provides 12-month membership access to co-working spaces in five capital cities.

Now in its fifth consecutive year, the program provides all selected businesses with a membership at one of Hub Australia’s co-working locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or Adelaide.

One recipient includes rePlated founder Naomi Tarszisz, who uses recycled ocean-bound plastic – abandoned plastic waste that is collected up to 50km from the ocean, in waterways and on streets – to manufacture takeaway food containers.

Founded in Sydney five years ago, the company’s meal boxes have saved 196,000 containers and 5,502kg of waste.

rePlated founder Naomi Tarszisz
rePlated founder Naomi Tarszisz

“We are proudly for profit, for purpose, and have consistently ranked in the top 5 per cent of ‘B Corps for the environment’ since being certified in 2021. Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia,” Tarszisz said.

“We’ve spent a long time working from home. As great as that is, having a community of motivated people to tap into is going to be critical for us as we grow this year.

“We have already 10x our 2022 revenue in Q1 of 2023, and we are planning to do that again before the end of the year. So, there are lots of exciting times ahead and goals to be kicked.”

Other companies selected by one of Australia’s largest workspace operators include Asian community-focused mental health social enterprise Shapes and Sounds, non-addictive social media platform Unscroll and inclusive fashion label JAM, which is designed for people living with a disability.

“At Hub Australia, creating an environment where businesses can thrive and build supportive communities is at the heart of our core business values.” Hub Australia CEO and founder Brad Krauskopf said.

"That’s why the Flexi Impact program has returned and is set to assist a diverse range of purpose-driven businesses with premium flexible workspace and networking opportunities.

“We’re engaging innovative and purpose-driven businesses helping them connect with other businesses to address different societal challenges and create positive change."

Meet Hub Australia’s 2023 Flexi Impact program recipients:


MyMuse aims to change the way cancer is seen and managed within the workplace, working with companies and their employees to support the return to work following their own or a loved one's cancer diagnosis and treatment.  

Joy of Giving
Joy of Giving provides a convenient way to donate used toys, exchange old toys and receive pre-loved toys. Run by a team of volunteers, they get the community involved by giving you the opportunity to donate and collect new toys, help out at their toy swap stalls, and find and call recipients for toys.

Waves of Wellness Foundation
Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation is a mental health surf therapy charity, committed to changing lives by delivering for-purpose, innovative support programs for people experiencing mental health challenges.

Community Mental Health Australia
CMHA advocates to improve all mental health and allied social services across Australia, with a strong focus on the value and contribution that not-for-profit, non-government community mental health services and people with lived experience bring to supporting the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of all.

Eco Styles
As the founder of Eco Styles, Nina Gbor is an award-winning sustainability advocate, ethical fashion speaker, climate activist, writer and educator. Through Eco Styles, she offers clothes swaps and restyling and capsule wardrobe workshops, as well as styling advice. 

Cleaning Accountability Framework
The Cleaning Accountability Framework is on a mission to end exploitation in property cleaning services, ensuring businesses comply with workplace laws and regulations and engaging and educating workers. 

Head Start Homes
Head Start Homes reduce homelessness, poverty, and free up social housing by helping single mums, First Nations Peoples and other families living in community housing buy their own home, without the need for a bank deposit.

The Pedal Club
The Pedal Club was born out of a need to provide parents flexibility when it comes to buying bikes for their growing children, offering a bike purchasing and bike hire service that can be swapped out for a larger bike when your child grows. 

Leadership Space
The mission at Leadership Space is to strengthen the thriving social purpose economy by helping social purpose leaders to transform their organisation’s effectiveness. They do this through supporting leaders to take their leadership to the next level and unlock the value of their executive team. 

RePlated is on a mission to eliminate single-use containers for takeaway food by making reusable meal boxes that your local takeaway store will accept instead of using disposables. 

Young Change Agents
Young Change Agents (YCA) empowers young people to identify problems in their community, reframing these as opportunities, and developing solutions with an entrepreneurial lens. Their aim is to make it easy for schools and teachers to introduce and embed entrepreneurial learning and design thinking.

Unscroll provides you with an unaddictive feed for all your social media profiles, helping you create good habits when it comes to social media use. The app offers accountability challenges and time trackers to help you manage your social media use. 

Childhood Dementia Initiative
The Childhood Dementia Initiative is committed to finding better ways to research and treat the 70+ disorders that lead to childhood dementia through bold, innovative approaches and a push for systemic change. 

Be The Future
Be The Future is unleashing the power of families to change the Earth’s climate story with kids books and games that burst with humour, hope, and playful action, amplified by audio storytelling and gamified digital experiences.

Be The Future founder Sally Giblin
Be The Future founder Sally Giblin

Fams is a NSW peak body that supports the not-for-profit sector to increase capacity and capability, advocating for improved policies for children, families, communities, and services.

Angie Chung Choi (on behalf of Playgroup NSW)

Angie is contracted by Playgroup NSW (an ACNC registered charity) to provide CEO and board support as their board secretariat. She is responsible for ensuring compliance and adherence to good governance practices.

SBE Australia
SBE Australia provides women with access to tools, networks, and knowledge to grow their business, with programs designed to help sharpen their plans, hone their skills and build a network for long term success.

Cheek Media Co.
Cheek Media Co. is a multi-platform, digital media project amplifying voices, stories and ideas that are first and foremost, real. Their podcast The Weekly Cheek and the articles they publish aim to make politics more accessible, with a feminist angle.

The Business Pickle
The Business Pickle provides clear commercial research, case studies, and toolkits to help leaders on their journey to using business as a force for good. They provide change roadmaps, impact area deep dives, and one-on-one leader coaching. 

WelcomeMat is a tenant-matching portal for affordable rental housing. The WelcomeMat platform has been designed to provide both a more accessible and equitable system for those seeking affordable rental housing, and to deliver efficiencies and cost savings for housing providers.


The Community Collective
The Community Collective is a female-led, for purpose startup that aims to support people to build strong communities. It addresses the challenge that many community builders, managers, and founders face when tasked with building a strong community of members for a business.

Convo Australia was established in April 2021 as part of the Convo Global family, with the goal of bringing a new choice for deaf and hard of hearing Australians to get access to Auslan interpreting services anytime, anywhere.

The Men’s Table
The Men’s Table provides an opportunity for men to meet over dinner once a month to talk, laugh and share what’s going on in their lives, helping them forge meaningful relationships based on trust and acceptance of eachother.

Keep Active Australia
Keep Active Australia is a platform that supports people at all stages of their fitness journey, connecting them with like-minded locals, trainers, coaches and organisers over a mutual passions of health, sports, and fitness.

JAM the label
JAM is an inclusive fashion label designed with people with disabilities in mind. The label encompasses universal design principles to create products that make the task of dressing easier, or make items more comfortable for people to wear. 

Media Diversity Australia
Founded by journalists Isabel Lo and Antoinette Lattouf in 2017, Media Diversity Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation, working towards creating a media landscape that looks and sounds like Australia.

Shapes and Sounds
Shapes and Sounds is a social enterprise that destigmatises mental health for Asian communities. They’re the leading voice for Asian mental health in Australia, and provide culturally-responsive information and programs for Asian Australians seeking to improve their mental health.

Learning Creates Australia
Learning Creates Australia is an alliance of people and organisation working together to create a unified and equitable senior secondary recognition system. They believe that broader recognition of learning can lead to more inclusive and equitable pathways into further work and study.

Mark My Words Australia
Through software they’re currently working on, Mark My Words is trying to make marking more efficient for teachers to ensure that all students across the county receive excellent feedback, regardless of their socio economic status. 

UPPAREL is Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and rewarded textile recovery and recycling organisation, offering innovative and sustainable solutions to make a positive impact for the next generation.

FlickFlickCity is an independent producing body that aims to provide networking and presentation opportunities to young Australian artists with big and bold ideas and no funding.

Andisor is a B2B marketplace for brands, helping them increase their wholesale sales without compromising on their segmentation strategy and brand equity. 

Bolus is a digital platform that helps doctors stay up to date with the latest medical research, so that patients can receive the most evidence-based healthcare.

B-cycle is about creating a responsible battery lifecycle – from buying better batteries for the planet, to safe use and convenient recycling. As a national, Government-backed Scheme, B-cycle brings together everyone from importers, to retailers, to everyday Australians, to give dead batteries new life.

Impact Obesity
Impact Obesity is a team of obesity clinicians, technology innovators, and business experts who are passionate about combining their skills to find and support effective solutions to the obesity treatment access inequity that exists in Australia.

Grace Papers
Grace Papers is a workplace gender quality expert, offering executive coaching, a market-leading employee experience platform, and gender equality consulting. 

Australian Sustainable Finance Institute
The Australian Sustainable Finance Institute (ASFI) is committed to realigning the finance sector to create a sustainable and resilient financial system by directing capital to support greater social, environmental and economic outcomes consistent with the Roadmap.

Vicki Huang (Deakin University)

Vicki Huang is a legal academic. Her research and teaching focuses on unveiling racial and gender discrimination in intellectual property law, and how change can be effected.

Wandora helps small tourism businesses fight back against third parties by helping them get direct bookings across multiple channels through their easy to use widget.

Downforce Technologies
Downforce works to achieve climate goals and ensure food security for all by providing land holders with affordable, scalable, and highly accurate data modeling of soil, biodiversity, and water.

Light Family Law
Light Family Law’s mission is to guide clients through the family law process with clear communication, professionalism, and sensitivity. They are committed to helping their clients achieve a just resolution by negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings so that they can move forward to the next chapter in their lives feeling empowered. 

Hayylo is a care service platform that connects clients and families to admin teams by removing repetitive tasks, keeping everyone informed and saving time, effort and cost.

International Detention Coalition
The International Detention Coalition (IDC) is a powerful global network of 400+ organisations, groups, and individuals based in over 100 countries who advocate to secure the human rights of people impacted by and at-risk of immigration detention.

Shrinker is an evidence and community-based AI tool that will help therapy seekers with knowing if a certain psychologist is a good fit for them personally.

Shrinker founder Omar Ibrahim
Shrinker founder Omar Ibrahim.

Sapyen helps men understand their fertility health in the comfort of their homes by creating easy access to testing, expert opinions, lifestyle recommendations, and medication.

Community Powered Responses
Lana from Community Powered Responses is an Australian-Fijian woman with 25+ years experience weaving under-represented people, communities, and support organisations together to activate and regenerate communities.

Community Powered Responses founder Lana Woolf.

We Are Mobilise
Mobilise is on a mission to unite Australia to develop solutions for those experiencing homelessness. They strive to provide recognition and functional care to the homeless, to educate the broader society, and to be a platform that creates change through connection.


Shaw Wellness
Virginia Shaw from Shaw Wellness is a change agent who helps people use simple processes to improve their wellness, simplify their life, be more productive, and have more time to do the things they love.

First Year Nutrition
Kelly is an accredited practising dietitian and paediatric dietitian, committed to helping children and their families develop personalised and attainable nutrition goals through a whole family approach to healthy living.


Farm Owners Academy
Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers simplify the complexity of running a farming business. Through a a variety of useful resources, including a smash-hit podcast, newsletters, blogs, regular live events, and a series of comprehensive educational programs, they teach farmers how to run a successful business.

Curious Communities Consulting
After a decade of working in client facing roles in community services, Curious Communities co-founder Jessica Dobrovic started the consulting firm to share her unique knowledge of service delivery and analysis experience to help other organisations. 

Salvien Health
Salvien Health is dedicated to creating access to mental health services tailored to 16+ adults 16+ with ADHD. 

Euphrosyne Project
The Euphrosyne Project aims to support the community and assist victims of PTSD, depression and anxiety as a result of life-threatening situations and reduce suicides through treatment, events, workshopsm and retreats. 


Red Data Solutions
Red Data Solutions (RDS) is a specialist data consultancy committed to empowering stronger, smarter businesses by building targeted, robust data platforms, integrating existing platforms, creating visibility across data sources,  and using advanced analytics.

Touch2Pay is a B Corp and startup in the Fintech industry, providing innovative and improved payment solutions for merchants across all industries. 

First started in 2018 after founder Faye Lawrence gave up alcohol and was stuck for fun, booze-free things to do, Untoxicated has now grown into a thriving tribe of around 9,000 sober and sober curious people passionate about having a laugh, meeting new mates, and smashing social norms.

Jack Terroni
Jack Terroni works out of Brisbane as the MD of a UK Theatre Company, and as an equal partner in US marketing agency Forge Branding promoting non-profit and social enterprises employing local Brisbane talent.

Australian Spatial Analytics
Australian Spatial Analytics uses data to employ diversity, employs neurodiverse adults to conduct high-demand professional data services for corporations and governments.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland is on a mission towards creating a future where neuromuscular conditions no longer limit choice and control, and people with muscular dystrophy and similar neuromuscular conditions can make the most of opportunities and fulfil their potential to live the lives they choose.

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Elvove aims to rebuild confidence and financial independence for women across Australia who have experienced domestic violence. They offer home and commercial cleaning services, provided by the women they hire. 

The Multicultural Professional Network Inc.
The Multicultural Professional Network Inc. is a non-profit professional association. It was established with the purpose of connecting professionals from all over the world living in Australia for role model visibility, career opportunities, and personal development support.

Young Change Agents
Young Change Agents (YCA) empowers young people to identify problems in their community, reframing these as opportunities, and developing solutions with an entrepreneurial lens. Their aim is to make it easy for schools and teachers to introduce and embed entrepreneurial learning and design thinking.

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