Talking to Trailblazers - Episode 14

Posted by Camilla Jansen on 30 October 2020

Episode 14 - Travis Erridge, co-founder of TM Insight

In the space of just four months Travis Erridge's supply chain specialist business TM Insight experienced the equivalent of 10 years of growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Logistics networks buckled under the pressure of panic buying in March, but after the situation levelled out TM Insight continued riding the next wave of online shopping as we all stayed at home.

This performance is far from a one-off for Erridge, who believes the best is yet to come. Following the acquisition of XAct Solutions, which gives the company a foothold in the Asian market, TM's team will double in size.

This week Erridge talks Jack through the M&A process and where he believes the logistics sector will be heading this decade.

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