Supporting economic recovery through local manufacturing and sustainability

Supporting economic recovery through local manufacturing and sustainability

Holloway Group director Matt Holloway.

During Australian Made Week consumers and businesses are encouraged to support local manufacturers, including dynamic young entrepreneurs who are driving Australia's economic recovery through innovative leadership.

In April this year, an Australian Manufacturing Outlook report published by PROS revealed that 55 percent of companies currently manufacturing overseas would return their operations to Australia by 2023 due to market volatility caused by the pandemic and tense diplomatic issues with trading partners.

Research from Roy Morgan also demonstrates the demand for products made in Australia is high, with 93 per cent of Aussies preferring to buy local.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson says while small businesses have faced more than their fair share of challenges in the past 12 months, the consumer-led rush for Australian made products has been a welcome unintended consequence of the pandemic.

"It's fantastic to see this wave of support for Australian Made products, which is directly energising our small and family enterprises," says Billson.

"Roy Morgan research released by the Australian Made Campaign estimates if every household spent an extra $10 per week on Australian Made products, an additional $5 billion would be generated in our economy over the year, creating 11,000 new jobs."

With more companies now choosing to expand or move operations back to Australia, one company that's always operated onshore is Sydney-based Holloway Group.

From concept development and design to the mass manufacturing of premium, industrial-grade injection moulded products, Holloway Group helps businesses redefine what's possible by bringing manufacturing home to Australia.

Holloway Group director Matt Holloway describes the pandemic as a blessing in disguise.

"As there became an increased focus on purchasing from local suppliers during the pandemic we were able to witness great benefits from this," says Holloway.

"We've seen an uptick in demand for local procurement of at least 50 per cent as a result of people turning away from international suppliers."

"To keep up with the demand, we have increased our operations by an additional 48 hours per week, working around the clock 24/7."

As part of Holloway Group's Bring It Home campaign, which champions the importance of local manufacturing, the company secured Australian Made certification for its Geohex product made from 100 per cent recycled post-consumer plastics.

The environmentally-friendly, cost-effective Erosion Control System shows sustainability and value for money can be achieved through innovative design.

Holloway says being an Australian-made, sustainable company is core to the company's operations and something more companies should work towards.

"We're proud to associate our quality products and brands with the Australian made logo. It's an iconic, instantly recognisable symbol that summarises the ingenuity and value of locally made products," he says.

"As an advocate of Aussie manufacturing, using the AMC logo on Holloway Group products reaffirms our offer of Australian-owned, Australian-made."

The Australian Made Week, organised by the Australian Made Campaign, encourages consumers to consider the impact of their purchasing decisions and buy from Australian-made suppliers.

Strengthening Australia's onshore manufacturing capabilities, and supporting companies that have long held local manufacturing as a core pillar of their operations is a vital step in rebuilding the country's economy.

By prioritising local manufacturing in the wake of COVID-19 Australia can decrease its reliance on international markets, placing the country in a stronger position moving forward.

Manufacturer of a compostable plastic wrap made from potato waste Great Wrap is one of the 86,000 small businesses manufacturing in Australia and receiving support from those choosing to buy local.

Co-founder Julia Kay says the small business has employed 16 staff members to work at their solar powered factory on the Mornington Peninsula since launching Great Wrap last year.

"Our customers really wanted us to start making Great Wrap here and we had a successful pre-order campaign that allowed us to do that," says Kay.

"Customers love that Great Wrap is Australian Made now and we're proud we can create local jobs too!

"When you choose to buy products from small businesses like Great Wrap it means you are helping to build your own community and create job security within them."

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