Entrepreneurship reads from 2022 to inspire

Entrepreneurship reads from 2022 to inspire

Photo: Briana Tozour, via Unsplash.

As offices and workplaces around the country are winding down and we all get ready for some rest and relaxation, here at Business News Australia we thought it might be a good idea to share some of the more timeless stories of entrepreneurship published throughout 2022.

Aiming to provoke inspiration, reflection and positivity in a world beset by problems, this highly subjective list of stories does not provide a summary of the year that was, nor its major events that we are all too familiar with.

There is not a focus on capital raises, acquisitions, lawsuits, results, new appointments, corporate stoushes, or any other common themes that feature in the day-to-day news of public interest, although some of these angles may make an appearance. 

In no specific order, and not necessarily even the most viewed by our readers, we hope some of the following articles can strike a cord with you over the holiday season. Enjoy!

Turning waste into insect protein: How Bardee plans to clean up the global food system

How the founder of car wrapping store Slick Azz found her place in a male-dominated industry

Aussie electric motorbike brand Savic just months away from tyres hitting the asphalt

Brisbane startup Benzina Zero launches European-style EV mopeds in Australia, Italy

How Sourci made it: Meet the founders behind Australia’s new e-commerce wave

Basic instinct: Study reveals Australian entrepreneurs make decisions based on gut feelings

Moodle, the Perth-based open-source software platform that has taken global education by storm

Edapt Education's "LinkedIn for students" aims to empower kids, improve data management

How the technology “no one in Australia wanted” launched with Samsung

QLD startup Eclipse targets baby formula market after replicating breast milk protein

How Vively founder Tim Veron's technology gave a surprise diagnosis and changed his life

HB11 Energy sets sights on high intensity petawatt-class laser facility on Australian soil

Why healthtech Maslow is on a mission to transform Australian disability care

Our Cow raises the steaks with direct-to-consumer meat sales on the MOOve

TEN13 co-founder Stew Glynn: ‘Great businesses will be built regardless of the market cycle’

How Fable Food Co founder Michael Fox tricked himself back into business after failed venture

Budding fintech Bloom launches climate impact investment app

Kin Fertility: Meet the company behind #WeNeedMoreLeave

Trajan Group is on a mission to democratise healthcare, one merger at a time

How HotDoc is shaping the Australian patient experience

Untitled gets Ugly with new vodka made from rejected apples

Bravo's core quality bears fruit, sparking growing overseas apeel for WA-bred apple

From market stalls to Singapore: How Kehoe's Kitchen fomented a fermented food following

Australian Honey Ventures creating a buzz as crowdfunding attracts wanna-bees

Femma: the healthtech helping women access specialist care

BetaCarbon’s blockchain carbon-trading platform rides ‘massive tailwinds’ of change

Software innovator VALD’s elite sports technology making inroads in health sector

Larvae vs landfill: Goterra hatches waste-tech expansion

Digital disruptor Explorate ventures into new waters amid global freight mayhem

Neolink founders blaze a trail for supply chain improvement

Sustainable cosmetics entrepreneur Anna Ross on the fast track with Kester Black

Better waze ahead for drivers with FloodMapp's early warning system

Cutting cows' methane emissions with seaweed diets a shore thing for WA's Seastock

Scale Investors tackles "investment gender gap" with educational platform for female founders

Patagonia founder Chouinard hands over $4.5b company to new shareholder, planet Earth

Fashion-tech startup Citizen Wolf uses data to tailor tees, alleviate landfill

Mali-able clothing brand Amble Outdoors hoping to banish ‘fast fashion' to a faraway place

Single Use Ain't Sexy offers clean hands alongside a clean conscience

Game of Drones: AviAssist's training leads to new heights

Skyportz lays groundwork for a national vertiport network to host a 'green' transport revolution

Hydrogen car manufacturer H2X Global ‘stepping on the gas' with eyes set on IPO

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